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New belt system (Try №2): 5/3/2016 19:50:30

Bayern München is the best!
Level 58
It is a copy from the shittiest clan (CORP) . That was all I liked from it,so here it is...but public!

How does it work?

When you sign up, you'll be put into a queue. The second player to sign up will choose the template, as they will be the "challenger". The first person to sign up (which will be me, to avoid fuss) will be the default "champion". The winner of the match will then take on the next person in the list. The challenger will always choose the template, and the champion will try and retain his/her position, and ascend the ranks.

The Stages

Everybody will start off at the (looking for name) stage. If you win two matches here, you ascend.
The next stage is the (looking for name#2) stage. After winning 4 matches, you go up again.
LFN #3: 3 wins and you go to ^
At the next stage, the Dan stage, you begin as "1st Dan". After winning 1 game, you move up to "2nd Dan". This keeps going on, until you reach "10th Dan". If 2 players reach "10th Dan", then there must be a 1v1 to decide who keeps the title. If you lose this match, you move down to "5th Dan", and must climb up again to challenge the current 10th Dan's position.

Hall of Fame

There will be a hall of fame, maintained on the Dan thread. Anybody that reaches 10th Dan will get a mention, so will the "Legend". This is the person that has won the most consecutive matches.


To avoid people abusing their favourite template to farm wins, there is a set list of templates that are deemed "acceptable". It will be on every thread.

For a challenger to get a game of their template, they can either make it themself and post it on the thread that they're on, or they can tell me to make it for them.

This is where you sign up, so we can get an initial queue for momentum! Also, I'm planning to start it when I get 15 players

Edited 5/3/2016 19:50:59
New belt system (Try №2): 5/3/2016 19:51:09

Level 60
New belt system (Try №2): 5/3/2016 20:00:58

Level 58
The hate of CORP is huge inside that kid
New belt system (Try №2): 5/3/2016 20:02:40

Level 58

Edited 5/3/2016 20:03:35
New belt system (Try №2): 5/3/2016 21:12:58

Bayern München is the best!
Level 58
Look,are you shitty 90 years old hater,or a shitty 5 years old kid?
New belt system (Try №2): 5/3/2016 21:29:23

Level 57
+1 Thanatos
New belt system (Try №2): 5/3/2016 21:45:57

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
+1 Hanky D. ven
New belt system (Try №2): 5/3/2016 22:01:19

Level 58
New belt system (Try №2): 5/3/2016 22:12:26

Level 58
Lmao ^
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