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Empire of CORP (Story Game): 5/19/2016 03:44:26

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 50
This game is inspired by 2094 AD but works differently. I personally want the game to be free from RL politics. Here are the rules:
1.Each poster can claim at most 4 territories on the Empire of CORP map and declare a nation.
2.Every three days we have a new turn, Each existing nation annexes all neutral land around its territories until at least two nations automatically claim one territory . In this case one of the random claimants get the territory. A nation can also declare war against another.
3.Wars are settled using games on the EoC map. When at least two nations are in war we must have a diplo WL game going until only one player remains or wars end in which case a VTE will be accepted by all nations. The game is a 3-day one and all war declarations must be made in this thread. Neutrals should be set to 0 and one army must stand option should be off.
4.When the entire map is covered by nations no new nations can be admitted through Rule 1 any more.
5.The game ends when only one nation is left or all existing nations vote to end this story game, which is different from VTE in the associated diplo WL games.
6.Any territory associated to cats belongs to Felinity and can not be distributed, claimed or invaded, such as every single territory associated with Cata Cauda and hence associated to cats. In the game we can let the referee who is probably myself occupy these locations with huge incomes.
7.Racism (including reverse racism), illegal forms of speech (such as child pornography) and cat-hating are not allowed. Anyone that practices any of these is declared a PE just like one who violates diplo game war rules.
8.Each player can supply at most one account for this game for the purpose of nation-claiming on unclaimed land. Any attempt to claim at least two nations using multiple accounts result in all of them being PE and all points forfeited.
9.It is not a legitimate tactic to declare parts of your nation independent nor is it legitimate to claim government-in-exiles arbitrarily like what I did in some other diplo games. (For example, if you are Thailand you should not claim that there is some African government-in-exile in Bangkok so you are entitled to a seat in the African Union or annex it to Thailand by some referendum. If you are India you can not claim that Goa and Andaman Islands are independent from India and hence you are entitled to 3 seats in the UN/Someone declaring war on India but invaded Andaman Islands is a PE because Andaman Islands is a separate country from India and that guy has not declared on Andaman Islands yet/let Andaman Islands declare on some country but not India and keep transferring from India to Andaman Islands to support the war without India being directly involved)

Here are how each nation is scored:
1.Existence bonus. 1 points for surviving each turn. 10 points for surviving the game.
2.Terrirory bonus. 0.25 points for each territory owned by the end of each turn.
3.Late-starters compensation. 4n points for those who join the game from turn n+1.
4.Penalty. -5 points for being PE.

Edited 5/19/2016 04:10:28
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