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Points for surrenders and boots: 5/24/2016 21:30:42

Level 58
If I remember right, there was a threat like this here. But nothing has changed, so I bring it back on the table. I just have it in a current 3vs3 multiday game (3days) again. Despite our "partner" let himself boot quite early and did not come back, we two are on to win it. And this dude, this traitor to his teammates will get points for that?!?
There should be a rule, that only players, who fought to the end will receive points! In a case like that a loss should be added to him and the calculation for the points shall be made like a 2vs4.
A really fair way imho.
Points for surrenders and boots: 5/24/2016 21:33:28

Level 60
bring back the threats!!

yeah, booted people shouldn't get the same points as the other people who play it through.
Points for surrenders and boots: 5/24/2016 21:42:29

Level 59
+1000. Nothing worse than a teammate who forces you to play shorthanded and then gets just as much credit as you for the win.

The only exception I would make is if a teammate surrenders because your victory is a foregone conclusion but he's boxed in and can't contribute so he takes himself out to make one less game for himself. I have no problem with that.

Side note, I also think FFAs should distribute points among more players. It kinda sucks to go into like a 40 person FFA, make it to the final 2, but get nothing
Points for surrenders and boots: 5/24/2016 21:55:51

Level 57
- Are you playing for points or for the game?
- Would you stop playing if Levels and points would be removed?
- Do you get any satisfaction, relief if you reach X amount of points daily?

- And who is this Traitor? We must bring him forward and held accountable for crimes against the National Security of Warlight! You should appeal to the High Lord of Fizzer, he who commands the law and force.

I always thought that Warlight is going to be more of a Strategy than another Freemium-like click and instant feedback game. Please, lets keep it that way! But on a business point of view, I do not understand why Fizzer has not taken this trend as obviously majority yearns for more levels, points, challanges, perks, powers, cards and all other sort of advantages. The last idea I remember was one could buy cards for coins...yeaaah.

Would someone explain me, why are the points so important or why people feel bad if booted/surrendered player beside them got same amount of points, despite not playing at all or something like that. If you are really short of points - go play Lottery!
Points for surrenders and boots: 5/24/2016 22:01:27

Level 6
gud thing i nvr get booted! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Points for surrenders and boots: 5/24/2016 22:10:15

Level 58
@ Tranq:
You really think it's for the most b/c of the points ?!
So you like this kind of behaviour ?!
So you want those guys even to get rewarded for that ?!
Points for surrenders and boots: 5/24/2016 22:12:57

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
M ran X almost always makes intelligent thoughtout posts. I think it about sums things up and is a good answer to the thread.
Points for surrenders and boots: 5/25/2016 06:16:30

Level 57
- Just to let you know, there is glimpse of sarcasm and irony in my post, but the point I made seems solid. Points are way over-rated: you can get them so much easier and faster than you can imagine.

- No, if you would have played with me, then you would know I am the last player who want to see someone booted or player surrendered, unless he had clear reason for that. And that is the main source of my blacklist. Mostly it comes down with whom you are playing with? Yes, we can´t always pick our teammates, also not advised, always fun to find great new people. That is where Warlight comes short: it can´t distinguish solid players and those click & commit to reap points players. I do not think surrender/boot is related to points. Points are no reward, just some pointless number. If we speak of coins, then this would be issue!

Edited 5/25/2016 06:16:37
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