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Erosion of democracy in Bolivia: 5/26/2016 18:40:28

Level 52
Hi, I am working on a warlight map of Bolivia.

It's a shame that the way things are going, the country may be torn apart before my map is finished!

Does anyone know how we can stop Bolivia descending into a New Venezuela?
Erosion of democracy in Bolivia: 5/26/2016 18:49:44

Level 56
The idea that anyone cares about Bolivia is funny
Erosion of democracy in Bolivia: 5/26/2016 18:58:51

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
Well according to Keynesians you need to spend as much as possible. According to folk with brains, you need to stop running your economy on socialism.
Erosion of democracy in Bolivia: 5/26/2016 20:09:44

Angry Koala
Level 57
Explain me gruff what do you mean by erosion of democracy in Bolivia? Honestly democracy is eroding everywhere and certainly even faster in the "Western World" than in Bolivia itself.
Erosion of democracy in Bolivia: 5/27/2016 15:55:05

Level 52
Yeah most of the western world is having a democracy crisis in some form or another, but in all honesty it does not compare to some of the stuff happening in fledging democracies around the world. I mean I don't recall seeing much about police beating disabled people right out of their wheelchairs in the US or UK, or the head of France or Japan putting countless people in prison for speaking out against their them, or any president (perhaps aside from Berlusconi...) giving a 27-year-old mistress a multi-million dollar job to keep her quiet about a love child, only to imprison her, her family and even her own defence lawyer just for speaking up about it.
Erosion of democracy in Bolivia: 5/27/2016 16:15:33

Level 60
There's no erosion of democracy in bolivia because there is no democracy in there to begin with. The country is ran over by druglords and indigenous nazis competing to see who can rip off the population faster.

Evo Morales is what would've come out of Klara Hitler if Alois happened to be an amerindian.

Oh, and with an extra dose of arrogance. It makes SENSE to think invading the soviet union will work (they are out of resources from the winter war), but Evo Morales threatened to invade Brazil, not only once, not twice, but THREE TIMES so far! He's quite a funny fella. Taught us that you should never underrestimate your president's stupidity; South America has a couple ones really good at sucking.

Edited 5/27/2016 16:17:53
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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