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emailing in a pm DISabled game: 5/26/2016 20:01:51

Level 57
what is the point of having an option in game creator, of diabling pm-ing?
people just send private messages to the inbox of other players!!!

how is that allowed??? ... it makes no pm-ing pointless

the game should disallow sending notes to the inbox of another player when a game has disallowed pm-ing
emailing in a pm DISabled game: 5/26/2016 20:05:18

Clint Eastwood
Level 56
Lots of people play on mobile. Mobile doesn't have that feature.
emailing in a pm DISabled game: 5/26/2016 20:35:06

Level 58
Yes it does. Chrome app. Duh. Many pages on WL are in HTML, including the mail one, which is compatible with mobile.
emailing in a pm DISabled game: 5/26/2016 20:46:49

Level 55
Try to see the other side.

If you play different games with 1 Player and you need to contact him. Or maybe your Leader or Co-leader of a Clan.

To disable communication is not only senseles. It would be very bad in other situations.

So yes disabled Privat Chat is senseless.
But if your a honourable player you should not go around that option by using the PM function.
I just didnt think about that possibility until i read your post.^^
emailing in a pm DISabled game: 5/26/2016 20:58:57

Level 59
And mail was introduced after this feature... so it is kind of historical thing.
emailing in a pm DISabled game: 5/26/2016 21:10:52

M. Poireau
Level 53
I still think disabling private chat is a nice way to indicate that you intent the game not to have private communications.

People can cheat, sure, but at least it makes it clear. (After all, people could cheat in other ways if they really wanted to, like inviting the other player to another game in order to chat with her/him, getting their e-mail address, or whatever other thing.)
emailing in a pm DISabled game: 5/26/2016 21:16:27

j willy 47
Level 58
People could also just create another game with the person they want to PM, so it more about trying to discourage rather than actually prevent.
emailing in a pm DISabled game: 5/26/2016 22:00:02

Level 59
it's just a silly legacy feature aimed to discourage talk, ppl can easily circumvent it regardless if pm exists.

best way to "fix it" would be to implement proper diplomacy contracts as listed quite high on uservoice, but it's not on the immediate roadmap afaik. dont personally care much eitherway, not much into FFA anyways.
emailing in a pm DISabled game: 5/26/2016 22:25:14

Level 57
The feature would be possible, just activate a fake "BL" between players involved in the game. Ofc they could use other platforms to chat (skype and so on) but risk would be reduced by 90%.
emailing in a pm DISabled game: 5/26/2016 23:19:53

Level 59
accurate numbers.
emailing in a pm DISabled game: 5/27/2016 13:04:41

Level 59
you know the players could cheat by chatting here on forums too right

so what now? disable the forum?

(point is disabling inbox is ridiculous)

Edited 5/27/2016 13:05:12
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