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Mapmakers with average map ratings above 3 or s...: 6/3/2016 16:01:55

Level 55
...should be allowed to create one coin tournament of 16-32 players without having to pay to create the tournament.


1. Coin games are played on any map, not only Fizzer's maps. But only Fizzer gets income from coin games. This is a way to reward some mapmakers for their time.

2. Public tournaments help promote new maps. Mapmakers with proven results deserve more ways to promote their newest maps.
Mapmakers with average map ratings above 3 or s...: 6/3/2016 16:10:38

Level 55
good idea, but pointless, as long as mapmakers make their maps for fun. Which means, a benefit for map making isnt needed. Anyhow, I suggest to raise the average map rating to 4.^^
Mapmakers with average map ratings above 3 or s...: 6/3/2016 16:19:37

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
very easy to exploit
Mapmakers with average map ratings above 3 or s...: 6/3/2016 16:19:49

Level 55
3 or so. typo.

Part of the fun is creating something that brings joy to the hearts of others. Haha. I understand your point about the creation process. But if only you have fun by creating a map and nobody plays it, that would be truly selfish and pointless.
Mapmakers with average map ratings above 3 or s...: 6/3/2016 16:28:07

Level 58
But, what if someone does an anonym and slowly rates them up with alts? And what if they're smart about it; and do it gradually instead of instantly with bots. This system would be more easy to game than the ladder.
Mapmakers with average map ratings above 3 or s...: 6/3/2016 16:37:28

Level 55
You don't think mapmakers don't already game the ratings? Countless maps come out rated super high and then reality catches up with them.

Also, who would waste that much time to improve average ratings for ALL maps made by a mapmaker simply so the mapmaker could host a public coin game without a fee on the NEWEST map REGARDLESS of ongoing map ratings for the new map?

The idea is simple: allow good, proven mapmakers to promote their newest maps. Find an average rating that makes sense. If they have made about five maps with a relatively high average rating, the mapmaker deserves a chance to promote his or her newest map longer than unproven mapmakers.

Having maps promoted on the community page is nice. But Fizzer seems to publish many maps at the same time. Only the final two are shown for a long period of time. The others are shown for a few hours at the most. Nice promotion. How about Map of the Week? Anybody can nominate any map. Easy to exploit. Many top maps probably haven't been voted on, because people nominate strange maps as a joke or their own maps because they are selfish.

Edited 6/3/2016 16:39:14
Mapmakers with average map ratings above 3 or s...: 6/3/2016 19:10:17

Level 55
alright. lets take this serious.^^
are coin games more popular than casual games? you can still host a normal tournament or host single games. If this would become a user choice like the map of the week thing, who makes the template?

maybe it would be a better idea to implement a best of the 5 latest maps user poll. after five new maps have published the poll comes up - like map of the week. so you would have map of the week and best new map asset. or something like that. there could also be a torunament about these maps and a trophy if you win ...
Mapmakers with average map ratings above 3 or s...: 6/4/2016 03:37:46

Level 55
Best New Map of the Week would be good. There are too many new maps; the two slots on the community page don't promote each new map with equal time.

Coin tournaments aren't the main point. The problem is that since Fizzer changed the tournament structure, only coin games are public tournaments (with open seats based on prereqs).

If mapmakers could make a small (16 seats) public non-coin tournament as a reward for making a new map, it would be helpful. Why? There are too many players and too many inefficiency problems related to the invitation process. The goal of this process is that it should bridge the gap between supply and demand: I "supply" a tournament; who on WL would be willing to play it ("demand"). It is an information problem. As the tournament host, I don't really know who is active, who likes my new map, who wants to increase their game count, who likes the settings, who doesn't want an invitation, etc. So sending invitations to the limited numbers of players I am aware of is an inefficient method of trying to fill the tournament to promote the new map. The best option is a public tournament with a thread on the forum to promote the tournament link. I can invite people I think might play, while the forum thread can allow others to play.

But the number of tournaments on new maps should be kept to a minimum. Your suggestion about voting on new maps is one way to do it: the winner has a public tournament. My suggestion about rewarding good mapmakers (average rating of 3.5 or so, at least 5 maps made before the new one) is another way. Whether the public tournament is a coin game or not doesn't matter. Being public does.

Ultimately, my argument is about increasing the adoption rate of a basic 'implementation curve':

Mapmakers are innovators. Good mapmakers' projects deserve special attention. Warlight has about 1600 maps. How many are worth playing on a regular basis? How many are made by mapmakers whose maps are played on a regular basis? Does the New Map promotion process efficiently promote new maps? Does the tournament system allow mapmakers to promote new maps in a way that allows all WL players more or less equal access to the tournament that promotes the new map?

Edited 6/4/2016 03:48:22
Mapmakers with average map ratings above 3 or s...: 6/4/2016 05:36:16

Level 60
What are the stats on the mapmakers?
Mapmakers with average map ratings above 3 or s...: 6/5/2016 17:20:39

Finston Lurdill 
Level 47
Honestly, Qi, it would've been easier to make a uservoice post asking for money to create maps than create multiple posts that came to the same conclusion.

My big problem with getting coins for making maps is that map-makers do it for fun, not to get paid. This is a hobby, I don't want money for it. That's what my job is for.

Edited 6/5/2016 19:04:30
Mapmakers with average map ratings above 3 or s...: 6/5/2016 18:09:42

Level 44
I could see Fizzer providing non-redeemable in game currency for high rated maps with at least a certain amount of ratings, as a thank you to good map makers.

say 4 + rating with 1-2k ratings.. would make it painful for people to falsely inflate it, and then the map maker would have to play games with those coins in order to withdraw the money, and I'm not even thinking a large amount, 500-1000 maybe.

the problem with the initial suggestion is precisely what Belgian said.. it's very easy to exploit.. mapmakers could create a map, make a hundred or so alts to 5 star it, then have 15-31 of those alts enter into a tournament with their main which isn't necessarily the map maker, then profit.
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