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Are we throwing around mapmaking ideas?: 6/4/2016 23:21:28

Level 58
I saw that Qi made a bunch of threads on how to improve the mapmaking system, so I decided to throw my ideas (idea) in as well.

I know I've mentioned this multiple times before, but maps really should have a "play counter" which would count the number of games created on that map. The Play Counter could even have a player count which could count either unique players or total players (or both.)

That's all. Thanks for reading!

Are we throwing around mapmaking ideas?: 6/5/2016 00:32:41

Level 55
It'd be nice, but I don't really see the need for it. I guess for contrasting the popularity of the map to how well-liked it is, but why do you really need to do that?

Edited 6/5/2016 00:33:24
Are we throwing around mapmaking ideas?: 6/5/2016 01:07:54

Clint Eastwood 
Level 59
For fun, that's why.
Are we throwing around mapmaking ideas?: 6/5/2016 02:53:06

Level 58
I agree that this would be a very nice feature. Possibly simple to implement, and a useful piece of knowledge to have available when trying to decide what map to use for game, tournament and template creation.
Are we throwing around mapmaking ideas?: 6/5/2016 02:57:47

Level 55
I agree. Knowing how many games have been played on a map is possibly more important than average rating and number of ratings.

For players, they can see that the map is popular or not popular. Popularity (in the sense of number of people who play it) is an indication that maybe/probably/possibly the map is worth trying.

For mapmakers, map popularity is one of many indicators that could help a mapmaker decide what type of project to undertake. Should I make a map similar to Maps A, B and C -- which nobody seems to play? Or should I make my map more similar to Maps X, Y and Z -- which more people play?

Maps should also be filtered based on this too:

Filter --> Most Played Maps
Filter --> Least Played Maps
Filter --> Most Played Maps This Month

Least Played Maps should be used to shame the mapmakers who make useless maps that clutter the site. There are probably at least 500 maps that Fizzer should have just said, "Your map probably isn't good enough and I don't want to pay server charges to support your map on my site. Please either improve it or be content with having it as your own personal map forever in the testing phase." I would support Fizzer in relegating the 500 worst maps back to the testing phase. There should be higher standards.

Edited 6/5/2016 03:07:25
Are we throwing around mapmaking ideas?: 6/5/2016 04:05:37

Level 58
Filter --> Most Played Maps This Month

How did I not think of this? This is a great idea! Play count (possibly combined with ratings) can go under a new map filter called "Trending" or something like that. It would help players as well as mapmakers.

There should be higher standards.

Even though hundreds of maps on this site are considered trash, I still believe that any map that meets the requirements should be published, and that's what's so great about the site. Most of the time, mapmakers' first maps are trash (I know mine was) but them getting published is what makes (mapmakers) wanting to continue and improve. I mean, if my first map was denied, I'd probably (maybe) have given up.

But I do have an idea for this. If anyone's been on, then you'd know that games with under a 2 star rating are still on the site, but hidden. The way to play those games is to either search their title or find them on the developer's page. This isn't a bad solution, in my opinion.

Edited 6/5/2016 04:12:05
Are we throwing around mapmaking ideas?: 6/5/2016 04:36:35

Level 57
I like the idea, but I may be wrong, but Fizzer has been quite wayward offering statistical data. From games played on Maps on could conclude total games made each day, week, month.. Probably someones script could do the work instead of manual.

On general basis I think play-counter could be good indicator aside from rating how popular a certain map is, and especially a month review. I would add it also could be great if the history would be saved as well to compare the statistics and changes.

Qi, why would you shame the 500 least rated maps made by players? Have you ever wondered, that maybe some of them are really young and for them this was a major break-through? If they are allowed, why shame them now?

I am more amazed about the 2 and 3 territory maps. If Fizzer does not approve lottery, yet it is hard to avoid it, why offer them easy maps where set up these rules? Not, that 25-territory map would eliminate it - and still could be 1-turn lottery.
Are we throwing around mapmaking ideas?: 6/5/2016 05:41:32

Level 54
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