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Any chance boot time length could be changed?: 6/13/2016 02:14:59

Level 41
I'm currently playing a game which was accidentally set with 100d boot, (and banking.) This game started early last year (approx.) It's on turn three, only one player hasn't had their turn but not everyone has voted to boot. Hence we need to wait another 100+ days until the direct boot comes online.

Since there's always at least one player that no longer plays warlight, voting to end isn't an option. And besides, it would be a cool game to play if not for the length of the boot times.

Is there any way the boot times could be changed? I hate the idea of getting myself booted as I have one of the highest banked boot times, and surrendering isn't an option because it'll never actually get accepted. And there's an ever growing number of AIs (multiple more every greater than 100 days)

Or is it seriously just going to remain a forum for the players who haven't yet left warlight?

Any chance boot time length could be changed?: 6/13/2016 02:16:29

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
You'd have to contact Fizzer directly to ask. My guess is he won't change it though. Dangerous precedent to set
Any chance boot time length could be changed?: 6/13/2016 02:54:35

Level 59
Why joining a game with 100 days boot time? That was a bad idea from the beginning lol.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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