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Congratulation Taran! (SingelPlayer Achivment): 6/14/2016 22:24:36

Level 60
Taran,, managed to "I made first (and best) community level!" What a great achivment. is truly a great level. Myself I had to settle for the 2nd community level, , but I feel no shame in loosing this to Taran's awesome creation.

I would also point out that Taran is the current record holder on my level :D

(also, I gusse we place SP stuff in the general forum? Hm, maybe we should ask Fizzer for a new sub-forum on the livestream ;)

PS, SP creators can see cool stats about their levels! Example,

Congratulation Taran! (SingelPlayer Achivment): 6/14/2016 22:34:08

Level 56
It is truly the greatest level yet. I believe we all can agree on that
And congratulations Kaerox, who got the record on my creation. I don't know how you found out about it so quickly.
Lastly, I would like to thank Sir Nick, for creating the great map that pushed me to victory.

Also, I had tough competition for your level. I had to beat out Fizzer himself.

edit: Real congrats goes to rakleader, who was the first to beat the level. Sadly, he only beat it in 4 turns and did not manage to get the record. He had bad luck, and the AI took the middle island first.

Edited 6/14/2016 22:36:00
Congratulation Taran! (SingelPlayer Achivment): 6/14/2016 22:37:16

Level 58

WarLight Creator
The 20 turn win may have my name attached, but all credit goes to Autopilot.
Congratulation Taran! (SingelPlayer Achivment): 6/14/2016 22:49:23

Level 62

Congratulation Taran! (SingelPlayer Achivment): 6/14/2016 22:55:52

Level 55
Cool update.
Congratulation Taran! (SingelPlayer Achivment): 6/15/2016 01:26:30

Level 56
At least I didn't use an alt to get the record on my level

Edited 6/15/2016 01:34:02
Congratulation Taran! (SingelPlayer Achivment): 6/15/2016 02:07:59

Level 60

In seriousness, that template was rubbish and did not work as I intended. I tried to make a template where you had to know how the AI thinks to beat it. ..... Duel might not be the best map for that.

I actually had 3 versions up there, my apologize to those who played it and feel like you wasted your time /:
At least, the 'old versions' are accessible here, as well as your records. (In fact you can still play the outdated versions) (1st version, .... had a bad description, so I updated to the 2nd. Only I played the 1st version, as far as I know. (if you want - go and take the record) (2nd version, The first had a bad description so I decided to Update it. (3rd version, turns out you can win in 1 turn on the other versions... Ugh, not a 'level template' I wanted my name on xD I tried a quick fix. Still didn't like it. Maybe I should test things before publishing them.... In the end I decided to 'Retire" the level.

Ended up 'Updating' the level with something interesting, once I realized I could use the tutorial map :D

Anyway, as you can see I now made a proper level (who I have no plans of updating nor using the alt to take the record with :p You can safely try to take the record there.

Edited 6/15/2016 02:19:30
Congratulation Taran! (SingelPlayer Achivment): 6/15/2016 02:17:22

Level 56
Yeah the testing feature is important lol.

As you probably realize, my level "What is this map" is quite complex. I had to test it very thoroughly to make bug fixes and balance the map. You wouldn't want the first community level to be unfair and bad, would you? As far as I know, the AI and human have equal chances to win, and the only non-choice factor is turn order. I am making a request now to be told when a level this equal and top notch has been created.

Thank you in advance for the notification of a better map. I expect to be waiting for a long time; possibly forever. So don't feel rushed and choose a not better map!
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