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Hydra Template List: 6/19/2016 21:07:06

Level 59
New, Organized List, with very very poor templates removed.

Local Deployment:

1v1 Battle Islands LD
1v1 MME LD
1v1 Pangea LD
1v1 Treasure Map LD
1v1 Turkey LD


1v1 Battle Islands MA
1v1 Greece MA
1v1 MA Island of Atlas
1v1 Snowy Mountains MA


1v1 Auto Earth
1v1 Auto Greece
1v1 Auto Macedonia
1v1 Auto Turkey
2v2 Pangea Auto
3v3 Auto-Europe 2.0

Limited Full Distribution:

1v1 Black Sea LFD - Bomb Card
1v1 EA&O LFD
1v1 Europe LFD
1v1 Great Lakes LFD
1v1 Greece LLFD
1v1 Medium Earth LFD
2v2 Turkey LFD
3v3 Europe SR LFD

Weighted Random Standard:

1v1 Final Fantasy VII 0%WR
1v1 Heavy Earth
1v1 Macedonia
1v1 Pangea
1v1 Small Russia
1v1 Strat ME 0%WR
1v1 Volcano Island
2v2 China
2v2 Greater Middle East
2v2 Guiropa
2v2 Heavy Earth
2v2 Italy
2v2 Lord of the Rings
2v2 Macedonia
2v2 Mexico
2v2 Phobia
2v2 Volcano Island
3v3 Europe WR NC
3v3 Guiroma

Straight Round Standard:

1v1 7 Card Hold'em
1v1 Atlantis
1v1 Battle Islands
1v1 Black Sea
1v1 British Raj
1v1 China
1v1 Fast Earth
1v1 Georgia Army Cap
1v1 Greater Middle East
1v1 Greece
1v1 Guiroma
1v1 French Brawl
1v1 New York
1v1 Rad Osil
1v1 Red Dead Redemption
1v1 Poland
1v1 Qina
1v1 Slow Earth
1v1 Strategic 1v1
1v1 Sumo
1v1 TTT Reverse Income
1v1 Treasure Map
1v1 Turkey
1v1 Warhammer
1v1 Yin'angzhou
2v2 Australia
2v2 Battle Islands IV
2v2 Battle Islands V
2v2 Black Sea
2v2 East Asia & Oceania
2v2 Great Lakes
2v2 Greece
2v2 Guiroma
2v2 Pangea
2v2 Poland
2v2 Szeluna
2v2 Szeurope
2v2 Treasure Map
3v3 Ares Brawl
3v3 Battle Islands V
3v3 Big World Map
3v3 China
3v3 Crusades
3v3 Drakemor's World
3v3 East Asia
3v3 East China 3v3
3v3 Europe SR NC
3v3 Great Lakes
3v3 Greater Middle East
3v3 Medium East Asia
3v3 Pangea
3v3 Peloponnesian War
3v3 Poland
3v3 Rise of Rome NC
3v3 Sanctuary
3v3 Treasure Map
3v3 Turkish Brawl
5v5 Medium East Asia
5v5 Appalachia
5v5 Ares Brawl

Fun Templates:

1v1 Blind Greece
3v3 Rise of Rome
8v8 Rise of Rome
4 FFA Naval Warfare MA
5 FFA K-PX Brawl
21 FFA Blackjack

Edited 6/20/2016 01:14:01
Hydra Template List: 6/19/2016 21:09:09

Level 55
Says something about the clan when 46/50? templates here are not fun.
Hydra Template List: 6/19/2016 21:12:07

Level 60
I never understood why players who made templates list stored them as a template and not a game link.
Hydra Template List: 6/19/2016 21:14:31

Level 60
Why no best template ever?

13v13 Semicedevine's World War 2 Politics
Hydra Template List: 6/19/2016 21:35:50

Lord of Turnips
Level 59
I prefer 2v2 small Earth with local deployment and random distribution as my favourite template:

It is actually fairly strategic, despite random distribution and requires lots of communication between team members.

Edited 6/19/2016 21:36:10
Hydra Template List: 6/19/2016 21:40:09

Level 58
Agree with TBest. You can always easily recover a template given a game link.
Hydra Template List: 6/19/2016 21:42:25

Level 59
+1 to TBest as well. You get templates from games easily and they're doing their informative function better than template links.
Hydra Template List: 6/19/2016 21:47:24

Sułtan Kosmitów 
Level 64
hmmm maybe becouse half of them are random templates that noone played yet? :p
the list needs to be organized, I tried to do it some time ago but failed so far - it is really much work to do.
Hydra Template List: 6/19/2016 22:08:28

Great Expanse 
Level 59
What the hell? How did you manage to find more templates then your list on the Hydra Clan Forum?
Hydra Template List: 6/20/2016 00:07:34

Level 59
I'll update that soon GrEx.

@Xapy, says the person who said that their favorite template is "1 pick" "Texas 2ag2".

@TBest, because it's easier?

@Sultan, i highly doubt that templates Sze or Gui made are "random". I will try to reduce things like 1v1 France when French Brawl exists.

Also, what do you mean organize it? alphabetical order isn't organized?
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