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AWP World Tour - 250 Series - France LD: 6/20/2016 04:47:10

Dr. Walter Ego
Level 57

this is the third AWP World Tour event.
This tournament is the part of the AWP World Tour.

- you can read more about the concept of the Tour here:

- here you can find the current standings (Ranking List tab) and the event schedules (Events tab):

- and you can read every Tour news here:
The template of this tourney will be France LD:

It is a 250 Series event, so will be 16 participants.

I will create this tournament on this Wednesday after 23:00 CET, try to give better chance to join the players who lives different time zones (the first two tourneys were created on Wednesday CET mornings)

I will still use the irregular invitation method, what means I will invite everybody who was invited to the previous event (here you can check the present invite list:

If you are not in the invite list above (or even not sure :) ) but would like to play then you can request Wild Card with a post here (or PM).
Posts 1 - 1 of 1   

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