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The AI is seriously braindead.: 7/8/2011 05:42:26

Level 8

Obviously there are hundreds of examples out there, this is just one of the more recent ones.

The AI has prime position to win.

And it craps out.

I understand the AI is not suppose to be great but it's level of play and strategy is a 6 year old.....

It actually kills itself.
The AI is seriously braindead.: 7/8/2011 06:31:50

Level 15
If I had (have?) a 6 year old son and he heard this he would surely cry foul at such a suggestion!
The AI is seriously braindead.: 7/8/2011 10:04:46

Level 57
Multi-attack games are even for human players hard to predict, a little harsh to demand of the AI to be better at it?

That said, a better AI would be great :-)
The AI is seriously braindead.: 7/8/2011 16:45:59

Level 44
AI are incapable of many many things currently because of the difficulty in prediction...
MA and any but Reinforcement cards the AI will not use
The AI is seriously braindead.: 7/8/2011 18:21:31

Level 8
Ya the fact the AI is moving one territory a turn with that many troops defeats the purpose of the game entirely.

I have heard the argument that programming the AI is difficult but a better AI with the added common sense trait would be helpful.

I do see the counterargument that the AI could then become a better player than a bottom tier player and that would mean those players would purposely turn into AIs to better their chances, but rules in gameplay that allow for AIs to surrender once only one human remains is there for those reasons.

I just think when a very powerful player turns into AI, he should still be effective in the game....not a dud.

The game in the OP is a prime example.
The AI is seriously braindead.: 7/9/2011 03:51:09

Level 9
I'm not that experienced in programming, but i do know writing AI for such game is extremely hard. I think the AI is already pretty good and complicated for such a massive game.

That said, I still think improvements can be made in terms of how it judges where it moves.
The AI is seriously braindead.: 7/9/2011 08:48:09

Level 44
predicting what your opponent will do is very difficult.. I would think Ideally the AI would take a theoretical turn for every player, then take his turn accordingly which would increase his counter-ing ability.. *ie, insetad of attackign your 1's with 2, he might be attackign them with 6-7 to coutner a theoretical 3 attack from you* but this would be faulty because the AI has an... odd.. value system for where it should focus sometimes..

my main complaint with the AI isn't even the fact that it has a tendency to attack you presuming you keep the armies you have.. my main complaint with the current AI is it's constant narrow mindedness... you play a 1v1 with 3-4 AI's added in.. you might get unlucky and have the AI's building on your border constantly ignoring the entire rest of his empire
Posts 1 - 7 of 7   

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