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AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Treasure Map: 6/27/2016 04:13:10

Dr. Walter Ego
Level 57

this is the fourth AWP World Tour event.
This tournament is the part of the AWP World Tour.

- you can read more about the concept of the Tour here:

- here you can find the current standings (Ranking List tab) and the event schedules (Events tab):

- and you can read every Tour news here:
The template of this tourney will be Treasure Map:

It is a 250 Series event, so will be 16 participants.

I will create this tournament on Wednesday!

I will still use the irregular invitation method, what means I will invite everybody who was invited to the second event only removing the inactive (60+ days) players (here you can check the present invite list:

If you are not in the invite list above (or even not sure :) ) but would like to play then you can request Wild Card with a post here (or PM).
AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Treasure Map: 6/29/2016 05:46:10

Dr. Walter Ego
Level 57
AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Treasure Map: 6/29/2016 11:05:41

Level 67
That filled stupidly fast :(
AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Treasure Map: 6/29/2016 13:42:22

Level 57
Would you pls consider making the size of the tournaments larger and reduce the boot time if it takes too long.
AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Treasure Map: 6/29/2016 13:47:24

Level 63
How can I join when you make it at 6am at my time???????????? Change the hour you create tournament please :(
AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Treasure Map: 6/30/2016 03:59:55

Dr. Walter Ego
Level 57
Sorry for everybody who missed the joining, but I drew the attention in the last Tour news that the events fill very fast so try to be quick :O

Anyway, I create the tourney at 6am wittingly, because I try to start the events as wide time range as I can in order give chance every players from different time zones to quick join (first two events was started about 10 am CET, but the third 24 CET and this one 6 am CET)

But it is true that despite these varied starting time, there are a few players who never sleep and always join in minutes :D

So I am considering to change the irregular invitaion rules that if a player reach the six 500 or 250 Series event then I will invite him 1 day later than the others.
What do you think about this?

Please check the Event tab here:
As you can see, there will be one event per week, and from these will be one 32 players and one 64 or 128 players events per month, so will be larger events too (btw I am really wonder how fast will fill the first Grand Slam with 128 players :O)
AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Treasure Map: 6/30/2016 05:59:54

master of desaster 
Level 65
If you invite them a day later, you can not invite them at all eighter cause the small tournaments fill within a few hours anyways.

Of course i am biased, but i think activity can be rewarded too. First come, first serve.
AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Treasure Map: 6/30/2016 23:24:58

Level 57
I would like to receive invites to this very creative idea =)

Thanks Dr.Walter I really am looking forward to this.
AWP World Tour - 250 Series - Treasure Map: 7/1/2016 04:30:10

Dr. Walter Ego
Level 57
Ok, then I use Mirage idea, so I will use larger (32 players) size for the 250 Series event, and the first round will be a kind of qualification round, the winner of this round will get 10 points only (and the second round winner will get 45 points, so stay the same point for the quarterfinalist as earlier)

The second change is that I will always post into the forum topic of the actual event the exact time when I will send the invitations out, and I try to do this as varied as I can. These time will be beetwen 04:00-24:00 CET (the rest 4 hours always belong to my sleep time :D), and maybe not only Wednesdays.

I added you to my invitation list.
And I just copied the ATP tennis World Tour, but yes, in a very creative way :D

Edited 7/1/2016 04:45:01
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