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World Population Map: 7/9/2016 12:56:25

General Amoora
Level 43
Right now I'm just playing with this idea, I've wanted to make a map that represents the world in a way that isn't just up to personal opinion on which nation is stronger and such questions, so I started this.

Yes I realise the bonuses are very high but this map is a diplomacy only map and I thought this would allow for more accuracy

It works pretty simply like so:

If a region has a population of 7,565,954 for example, the bonus would be 75
For a region of population 604,756, the bonus would be 6
For regions at 100,000 or lower, they will be 1's
World Population Map: 7/9/2016 13:00:10

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 57
Great idea, but how to do the Indus river? Warlight only allows you to make max 999 income per province.


5 provinces in total worldwide fall into this category:

Edited 7/9/2016 13:04:49
World Population Map: 7/9/2016 13:09:15

General Amoora
Level 43
Well of these 5:
Punjab, Bihar and Guangdong are near enough to 999 to be fine
Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh would probably be divided, the same goes for the rest as well if they are of suitable size.
World Population Map: 7/9/2016 13:15:47

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 57
Thank! Please divide then all, accuracy is wonderful. :D
World Population Map: 7/9/2016 13:19:06

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
This is going to be colossal! Are you sure Warlight can hande this?
World Population Map: 7/9/2016 15:42:29

General Amoora
Level 43
Well overall the bonuses added up would equal around 77,000 or so probably. Now personally I don't think these high bonuses would affect the size or speed of the map in loading as you often see scenarios which can add up to near that total bonus count, usually in custom scenario diplos and the such. So yeah I think it should be fine
World Population Map: 7/10/2016 20:14:54

[NL] Hendrik
Level 58
Iceland has to be worth 3. It has a population of 330.000
World Population Map: 7/10/2016 20:27:50

Level 58
Missing connections
World Population Map: 7/10/2016 20:48:29

Green Turtle 
Level 62
Great idea. To further pursue accuracy we need to round the bonus value to 0 for lands with population <50k. Most territories in Greenland are in this category.

Edited 7/10/2016 20:49:31
World Population Map: 7/11/2016 14:56:47

Captain Weasel
Level 26
Good idea, but I think it should be easier to see at first glance which territories are most powerful. For example, you could use a color spectrum for the bonuses where grey is a low bonus , red is a medium bonus and yellow is a high bonus.

In the end India and China are going to be very important so you could start there and see if it works.

Btw, I also made a tiny population map but the idea is diferent, I just made regions of equal population size:
World Population Map: 7/12/2016 00:29:03

Level 22
I have an idea after this map has finished:

World Jewish Map, World Christian Map and World Muslim Map..

If we do large maps 10 thousand Jews, 1 million Christians and 1 million Muslims constitute a territory.
If we do small maps 100 thousand Jews, 10 million Christians and 10 million Muslims constitute a territory.

Bonuses will consist 2-8 geographically or politically related territories. Places where the religion of the map is banned will not appear on the map with no connections passing through the territory.

I believe this will create interesting graph geographies.

For example in the small World Jewish Map there are 63 territories in Israel, 53 in US while the entire East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia combined will be in a single territory that will also have some parts of Russian Far East.

The small World Christian map consists of 242 territories, 23 in US, 18 in Brasil, 11 mostly in Mexico (maybe add some parts of Central America), on the other hand, the entire Middle East does not include too many territories.

In the small World Muslim Map. There are 170 territories, 20 in Indonesia, 18 in Pakistan, on the other hand, the entire Americas is inside one territory that may include Australia, parts of the Philippines and maybe even Japan (yeah not enough Muslims in Japan to constitute even 3% of a territory).

Edited 7/12/2016 00:33:35
World Population Map: 7/12/2016 01:33:31

Level 60
Ouch, literally everything in brazil looks terrible (names, divisions, ect). I can't right now, but later I'll tell you some must-have changes.
World Population Map: 7/12/2016 02:34:50

Level 59
I can help with brazil too:
Change name:
Rondonia - Amazonas (the last is the most important state in the region, more then 2x the pop of rondonia)
Amapá - Pará (same as before, but Pará is more then 10 times bigger)
Espirito Santo - Minas Gerais (Minas Gerais is one of the most important states in Brazil, 5 times the population of Espirito Santo)
Santa Catarina - Paraná (Not a big issue, Paraná is just a bit bigger then Santa Catarina (11 M and 7 M)

Geographically its right, but the change in the names would make the

Put Rio de Janeiro in one territory, São Paulo in another. (two huge states in population)
The north of the territory of Bahia can be split into a new territory (Ceará), or merged with Pernambuco (can be called Nordeste (Northeast)) (that because this Ceará region has less connection with Bahia, much more with Pernambuco and the rest of the states of Northeast, but, ideally would be a region alone)
The south region of Amapá (where should be the state of Tocantins) could be merged with Brasília, maybe calling them Goiás.
World Population Map: 7/12/2016 02:36:12

Level 59
Chatul, do you think that a Jew is worth 100 Muslins/Christians? Would make much more sense Budists and Hindus.
World Population Map: 7/12/2016 13:18:49

Level 51
Idk how useful this map will be simply by populations, because this:

Still I'm looking forward for it, for the design at least if not the default bonus values. Count me for testing.
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