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Etiiquette: 7/13/2016 00:17:20

General Butt Naked
Level 56
I joined a game 2v2, in which my parter got booted in the phase of selecting territorys.
I asked to my opponents if we could vote to end the game, since there is no chance of me winning nor even a pleasure of playing a 2v1 match.
I started playing like 1 week ago, so i dont know much of this...

There is an etiquette for things like this ?
Should i simply surrender/keep playing ?
Or expect them to accept and vote to end the game ?

Edited 7/13/2016 00:19:10
Etiiquette: 7/13/2016 00:22:58

Level 58
You asked them to vote to end with a legitimate reason. If they accept, that's nice of them, but they don't have to. It is not against etiquette to ask for VTE with a valid reason, like a teammate booted before the game had taken shape, but you also don't have to accept it, although people tend to respect people who accept the VTE in that situation more than the people who refuse it.
Etiiquette: 7/13/2016 00:27:09

Level 61
i would simply blacklist your "partner" and surrender, sadly this happens all the time on here. People join team games and then get booted, spoils it for their team mates
Etiiquette: 7/13/2016 00:27:43

General Butt Naked
Level 56
Got it! Thanks for the replies.

Edited 7/13/2016 00:28:37
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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