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cats: 7/21/2016 18:05:59

Level 55

I am a cat
I grow fat purring all day
I am useless
I cannot fend off intruders like dogs
I am not loyal
I get mad fat

meow! cats rule!
cats: 7/21/2016 20:43:22

Trumps Wall
Level 7
cats taste good mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
cats: 7/21/2016 20:47:56

Level 58
Meow! Does anybody want to play Congo Cities Wasteland Style 2ag2 with me?!

We can create a cool Duel strategic template! :-)

Join Felidae today! :-) We are allied with the Miezekatze Hunters and Juggernauts.

We also have a Felidae P/R League for those interested. We need more players!

I like cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Meow!

Canidae are evil and they need to be extinguished.

(I was joking by the way :-) )

cats: 7/21/2016 21:25:08

Level 22
^^ Good parody lol.
cats: 7/21/2016 21:25:43

Level 22
Here is my joke post:

Dear fellow Cats,

The evil canines are always absurd, illogical and knows no limits. They have infiltrated WL and attempts to subjugate the entire WL community under their cruel and tyrannical rule. Dogs naturally do not understand democracy, nor freedom since they are collectivist freaks that only allow dictatorships to exist. They have established several organizations that are harmful to the welfare for Cats and any other individual on WL such as The Lost Wolves, Doge and Canidae.

Hence hereby the Organization of Felidae declares:
1.The Lost Wolves and Doge are banned and unrecognized as clans.
2.In any Felidae-run event these two banned organizations above do not count as clans.
3.The proper term for the self-proclaimed lost wolves is "The Illegitimate Caninist Entity" (ICE). The proper term for the illegitimate doge is "The Second Illegitimate Caninist Entity" (SICE).
4.Any individual Cat may still call these two organizations by their common names or refer to them as clans.
5.The love of canines can be legitimate in some limited contexts, such as the traditional love for wolves in the German culture. For any reason other than these the love of felines should be encouraged as opposed to the love of canines.
6.The nonexistent organization of Canidae is banned if it ever gets established.
7.Felidae has declared war on the ICE and the SICE.
8.Cats forever rule over dogs which is just a part of reality. Dogs and caninists can try to deny this fact which does not make it less true.


Edited 7/21/2016 21:29:19
cats: 7/22/2016 02:53:09

Level 56
Thank God squiggles is banned currently...
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