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DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/25/2016 22:36:15

Level 54
Bernie Sanders was booed by his own supporters! He called for them to vote "with her", and they didn't like it. Thoughts?
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/25/2016 22:47:59

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
They have every right to boo him. Although to cut some slack on Bernie, i think he was threatened.
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/25/2016 22:56:34

The Lord
Level 55
Perhaps he was secretly happy that elections in his party run like they do in communism.
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/25/2016 23:00:47

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
^ +1

DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/26/2016 00:22:24

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
The DNC is like the guy who's gf catches him cheating and he starts asking why did she violate his trust by checking his phone
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/26/2016 00:30:18

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 45
^ What the girl did was wrong, what the guy did was very very wrong.
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/26/2016 01:23:03

Level 46
@The Lord, lmao

bernie is a traitor to his own lil socialist supporters
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/26/2016 01:30:13

Level 58
no he's just logical. in bernie's view, hillary > trump. because of this, people are forced to vote strategically. some bernie supporters are now no longer allowed to vote for who they liked, just for who they hate less.
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/26/2016 01:51:40

Level 57
Yeah, but that's like helping the guy who mugged you because he claims the other guy will kill you.

Nobody is going to be happy in that situation.
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/26/2016 01:52:50

Level 53
Praying Canada just decides to annex the USA and solve this problem the rational way.
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/26/2016 02:55:02

Level 56
WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeEE!!!! People say Republicans have no unity, but who is more unified now biotches!
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/26/2016 03:17:51

Level 58
I don't know, ask Ted Cruz.
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/26/2016 09:21:51

Level 56
Very clever of them to leak the DNC emails just 1-2 days before the convention, all those efforts and pandering from Hillary to Sanders supporters are back to square 1 ;D.

Although to be honest, the GOP probably does the same things as the DNC, the DNC is only sorry it got caught...
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/26/2016 09:29:05

Level 59
It was no secret that the democrats werent united, but neither are the republicans. Clinton is really in a worst position every day that passes, puting that corrupt dnc woman in her campaign sure as hell won't help and Trump has been making so many gaffes recently that I'm seriously starting to think they're in purpose. No one can be that dumb.

Weird elections, funny as fuck for me to watch, but don't forget that one of these fuckers will lead your country.

Edited 7/26/2016 10:06:11
DNC: Bernie booed!: 7/26/2016 13:14:25

[NI] Lord eKell
Level 56
Sanders is just being pragmatic.

He obviously thinks that Clinton's less bad than Trump and he can clearly get more of his platform through if she's in the white house than that wall obsessed lunatic.

His options were:
1.Endorse Clinton. She might give him a promotion if she wins (Committee position/Labor Sec.) and shows his loyalty to the party which will make it more likely that his platform will get through.
2. Say nothing (Ted Cruz). Nothing gained for him or his supporters and it would probably help Trump a little.
3. Run anyway. Win the election for Trump.
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