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2v2 ladder: mirror picking dominates?!: 7/28/2016 06:54:49

Level 61
It seems all top 5 teams mirror all picks (1-12) on the current template (final earth).

Can any argument be made for not using this technique on this template?
2v2 ladder: mirror picking dominates?!: 7/28/2016 06:57:27

Level 56
All the top teams have virtually always mirror picked in 2v2 and 3v3 ladders. Even back when 2v2 ladder was ME with 2 picks each, the top teams all mirror picked.
2v2 ladder: mirror picking dominates?!: 7/28/2016 07:38:53

Level 62
Whether or not you consider us a top team is debatable, but we didn't mirror our picks.
2v2 ladder: mirror picking dominates?!: 7/28/2016 07:43:21

Level 56
Well, most teams did then too, but your team hasn't ever even played the current template, though that's not to say you couldn't have similar success on the current template sans mirror picking, but I'd guess in general that the more picks a team has the more mirror picking becomes ideal, so it's probably more beneficial with the current template than it was when you and peixoto were playing on the ladder.
2v2 ladder: mirror picking dominates?!: 7/28/2016 08:21:36

Level 57
With two picks the pattern was easy. First pick in a nice bonus, second in a two turn +4 bonus and third to counter you number 2. Getting a fourth pick was relatively unlikely just as losing your number 1.

In the 3v3 ladder mirroring is the obvious solution when not planning something special like a Poland clusterpick. If you don't mirror and your opponent mirrors the islands it can be game over right after picks with his picks pushing you out of a complete area.
2v2 ladder: mirror picking dominates?!: 7/28/2016 23:37:14

Emu Pub
Level 61
LTE and I sometimes don't mirror all our picks. Sometimes we mirror 1-12, sometimes we mirror 3-12.

Edited 7/28/2016 23:40:04
2v2 ladder: mirror picking dominates?!: 7/29/2016 00:09:49

Sułtan Kosmitów 
Level 64
You can just pick 10 if you have other 1/2 Emu :)

Also me and Biches (we suck, got #1 on luck) but we didn't mirror all the time.

The point of mirror is just that it is easier and theoreticaly there is just one pick list superior among all the others so theoreticaly it should be picked by all players (both in this case).

Assuming you don't combo pick ;)
2v2 ladder: mirror picking dominates?!: 8/5/2016 01:33:28

Level 58
I'd say the reason people tend to mirror pick on a template like the current ladder template is that coverage tends to be better than combos. In a template where this is the case, mirror picking is usually superior(assuming you pick decently well). In my experience, mirror-picking is the best way to get coverage, since you can prioritize the important areas twice as well as when you don't mirror pick. Not mirror-picking has it's own advantages of course. Making sure one person has a certain part of the map to themselves is a good way to ensure that your expansion doesn't interfere with your teammate's, allowing for faster income on maps where there might not be that one superior pick.
2v2 ladder: mirror picking dominates?!: 8/7/2016 17:22:49

Level 55
Simple explanation: It's easier to dominate while looking in a mirror.
2v2 ladder: mirror picking dominates?!: 8/7/2016 18:23:37

Glam 'd Slam Islam
Level 61
+100 sultan, for admiting the embarassing truth
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