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Basic Strategy: 4/25/2009 13:45:12

Level 2
Since I smell a general apathy towards starting threads. I'll chime in with the differences I've noticed from Classic Risk (CR) and WarLight Risk (WLR)

First, of course, Australia. CR hella nerfed the Aussie continent. You could literally win a game just by getting Australia and building up. There are 3 different ways to attack the AU on WLR, but I still think it's vital. First, it can hit 3 different continents. Asia, Hawaii (leading to NA), and Antartica. It's very strategic, but not quite as powerful as in CR.

Second, in a sort of segue, is Antarctica. I think this might be the key to a grand global attack. You can get to both SA, and Africa, AND Australia from it, it has a fairly low mindshare, and is pretty easy to take over. You could easily take Antarctica, build out your army there, and do a pure southern front push from it.

Lastly, because I'm lazy and I'm sure there is enough meat for a minor discussion already, I want to talk about the 2 front war.

Classically, wartime ideas are typically of the order "Don't wage a land war in asia, and don't fight on 2 fronts if you can avoid it" I personally think that a 2 front war is -essential- in WLR, maybe even a 3 front. Consider your typical 4 player game. Someone's going to get N/S america. Someone will try for the scandanavian coast/europe, and the other 2 will probably start fighting over Africa, or the pac rim, or something. Now, the trick for me is to have 2 fronts, that can hold chokepoints.

For example. If you've decided to move into africa, try to do it from a chokepoint. Spain->Algeria is a good one. Antarctica->SouthAfrica is another. If you can coordinate so that you hit both at the same time, that is optimal. The reason? Because whoever has africa has to fight a 2 front war, on the same continent.

If you feel like dropping the hammer, try to come in from the middle east too. 3 fronts. 1 continent.

It's not the number of fronts, it's the number of fronts divided by the number of continents that is a better measure of Risk. :)

Thanks for this awesome game guys.
Basic Strategy: 4/30/2009 10:28:03

Level 2
Good points.

"Never start a land war in Asia" is probably the key to the game :)
Basic Strategy: 5/7/2009 12:45:22

Level 6
Strategic diplomacy against more than 1 opponent. Sometimes this means ganging up on who's winning--some games have lots of leader flip flops. Or from early in the game, be diplomatic with a neighbor that borders you a lot, and each expand out--like having backs against each other. That's what I like about this game, so many dynamics, no sure way to win, and a little bit of luck and skill.
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