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Says i use adblock when i don't, freezes game.: 11/8/2013 01:12:00

Dustin Gibson
Level 3
Sometimes ads do load, here and there it says it failed to load and that i need to disable it, and then it won't let me click close and freezes my game, my browser, and almost my computer all together. I don't use adblock, and if THIS website doesn't load the ad then its the WEBSITES problem not mine! I won't risk freezing my computer just to play some game, either fix the ad problem that i see tons of people have or I am NOT playing any longer! (this isn't my main account I have played for some time, the same problem is on all my accounts.) Yes the problem is occuring in both Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and no im not downloading Google Chrome, AKA the Devils Browser just to try the game, i shouldn't have to. Fix it!
Says i use adblock when i don't, freezes game.: 11/8/2013 01:22:51

Level 33
"Internet Explorer is not a Devil's Browser..."


Also, your adblock hates anti-adblock. Go figure.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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