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A Message from Adrijan: 7/31/2016 17:30:21

Level 41
Adrijan Cuculi: Dear warlight brother sharing my view and keeping fight against censorship, defending freedom of speech, dear fellow member of warlight community.
This a message from Adrijan Cuculi, my account "Adrijan" have been banned permanently (for what I seeing I think) without reason other than "mutliaccounting", goign against any warlight rule.
Many people believe I was Karl but I can assure you and swear to God I am not him, so the multiaccounting ban is invalid, and anyway multiaccount is not a reason to permanent ban someone.
I will be honest "Adrijan" wasnt my main as you notice, I had another account (for those playing you would find me easily since I am the only active albanian playing this game...) but did not want to have my main threatened due to my activity in forum. I was right since my account have been savagely shut down because it "do not please some PC warrior".
I wont make a new alt account, because i am bored of this injustified censorship, some people would say i was insulting (for example islam thraed), how so? if some people dont tolerate debate, then why are you participating in this forum? you have to accept all opinion! some people here are more insulting to other than i evere was, but never were suspended, so dont tell me there is justice here. Most thread I make were rather apreciated for what I see since they are currently most talked (for example "how did you found warlight" or "your favorite historical hero"), I think baning the one making activity, is not smart, you are just incitating people to renounce participating, and it wont help you grow this website.
[1:01:10 PM] Adrijan Cuculi: This is the last message from me, I am out now and will retire since I am not tolerated here, i was not a big player anyway, joined this game 6 month ago, and i know i can find plenty other game where at least we can talk freely without being worried by PC justice warrior.
To folow brother: keep the fight, dont let freedom of speech not being respected here if you can you have my suport :)
ditën e mirë! farewell!
Adrijan Cuculi.

Edited 7/31/2016 17:30:30
A Message from Adrijan: 7/31/2016 17:33:53

Level 59
Warlight will evaluate each validated abuse incident on a case-by-case basis and impose suspension or termination at its sole discretion, and may void any associated winnings.

Wl can suspend anyone for any reason, since they hold the defining power of what is abuse.
A Message from Adrijan: 7/31/2016 18:31:49

Level 56
Really? Karl wrote an entire fake farewell address? What a troll.

A Message from Adrijan: 7/31/2016 18:37:07

Eklipse {TJC}
Level 56
This would seem legit if not for the fact that several high profile players use alts and Fizzer lets them get away with it.
A Message from Adrijan: 7/31/2016 18:51:24

zażółć gęślą jaźń
Level 55
^ Because they obviously use them for trolling.
A Message from Adrijan: 7/31/2016 18:56:00

Level 56
Adrijan never trolled, and really wasn't bad at all in terms of personal attacks. He was better than TeamGuns, for instance. And we don't even know he was an alt.
A Message from Adrijan: 7/31/2016 19:09:42

Von Jewburg
Level 35
But he's a foreigner. He's a Jew, so his life means nothing. I wish I could spit upon his neckbeard Albanian hide, but that would be a compliment.
A Message from Adrijan: 7/31/2016 19:13:09

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 49
He sounded like a genuine Albanian Christian. Partly illiterate, against Turks and Mongols, and prone to firing guns. I'll wish him well in his service in the occupation of Kosova by Albania, to unite the holy Christian Albanians.
A Message from Adrijan: 7/31/2016 19:29:32

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
Level 40
^ Calm down brah!
A Message from Adrijan: 8/1/2016 11:01:42

[TNW] Commander Vimes
Level 29
Hmmm...I did have an interesting debate with him, even if his ideas around the bible are slightly distorted...
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