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AWP World Tour - Masters 1000 - Treasure Map: 8/1/2016 05:40:03

Level 55
This is the second major event on the Tour.
It's irregular, because:
  • This template already used not long ago during the Tour introductory phase.
    I used the most popular templates for the introductory events so will be more duplications in the future not only this, sorry for that in advance.
  • The last major event is very close to this one
    This is a one time exception, in the future will be one month between the major events

Ok here are the usual event details:

This is the ninth AWP World Tour event.
This tournament is the part of the AWP World Tour.
The template of this tourney will be Treasure Map:

It is a Masters 1000 event, so will be 64 participants!

I will create this tournament and send the invitations at 06:00 CET on this Wednesday!

I will still use the irregular invitation method, what means I will invite everybody who was invited to the first major event (here you can check the invite list:

If you are not in the invite list above (or even not sure :) ) but would like to play then you can request Wild Card with a post here (or PM).
AWP World Tour - Masters 1000 - Treasure Map: 8/3/2016 04:06:09

Level 55
Ok, I craeted the tourney and send the invitations:
AWP World Tour - Masters 1000 - Treasure Map: 8/3/2016 15:40:04

Level 60
that was quick :( no chance to join
AWP World Tour - Masters 1000 - Treasure Map: 8/3/2016 17:27:04

Timinator • apex 
Level 63
These fill way too fast :o
AWP World Tour - Masters 1000 - Treasure Map: 8/5/2016 03:43:41

Level 55
Yeah, it filled very fast (about 11 hours) :O

Ok, time to change the invitation method.

The next event (ME (Limited Full Dist) - 250 Series) will be the last one with the present irregular invitation method. Until I will post the detailed regular invitation rules.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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