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Single Player records: 8/5/2011 17:24:23

Level 60

Is there any way to check what are the records for single player levels and challenges? I'm not talking about stars, but overall best scores.
Single Player records: 8/5/2011 17:54:06

Howard Marks
Level 6
you get stars for:
Level 1: 6 turns
Level 2: 13 turns
Level 3: 18 turns
Europe: 18 turns
Crazy: 21 turns
Insane: 24 turns

there is no such thing as a scoreboard for single player games, but i guess you can not make it in fewer turns!
Single Player records: 8/5/2011 18:29:13

Level 36
I had to look back at a post in January but I found the records as of then:

Single Player Records from Fizzer, from 1/13/11:

|>Level 1: Lowest is 6 turns (several hundred have this one)
Level 2: mor won in 11 turns.
Level 3: Dr. Kabamf won in 16 turns.
Europe Challenge: mor won in 15 turns.
Crazy Challenge: NiCoCo won in 19 turns.
Insane Challenge: The Impaller and mor have each won in 24 turns.

I'm pretty surprised that only Insane challenge has a tie for the #1 slot. Very impressive feats!
Single Player records: 8/5/2011 19:36:12

Level 44
Insane and level 1*
Single Player records: 8/5/2011 19:42:08

Level 36
I added in the Level 1 record myself. I think Fizzer just knew that so many people had it so he left it out of his post.

Looks like Howard tied Impaller and mor on Insane though. Nice work!
Single Player records: 8/5/2011 20:17:46

Ace Windu 
Level 56
Ruthless, he didn't tie them, he hasn't even completed the Insane challenge.
Single Player records: 8/5/2011 20:37:44

Level 36
oh man, i didn't read his post right the first time. He was just stating the points at which you get gold stars on your profile. My bad
Single Player records: 8/7/2011 08:42:37

The Impaller 
Level 9
I think 23 turns, or maybe even 22 is doable on the insane challenge, but you would have to be literally insane to try for it!

I know the time I did it in 24, it could have been 23, but the computer surprise cock-blocked me one turn and it cost me.
Single Player records: 8/7/2011 14:52:28

Level 60
Thank you for the replies, I wanted to see what were the boundaries the players set for now. It is actually a nice idea to check what are the lowest bounds for the single player templates given the starting position. For example the hypothetical bounds on level 3 should be around 14-15 (because that is the hypothetical number of turns to expand in every direction), but of course in practice you cannot go forward every turn.
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