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this is how you counter-pick: 8/11/2011 03:29:01

Level 46
this is how you counter-pick: 8/11/2011 07:03:23

Level 44
aussie really wasn't the best bet for a counter-pick of antartica.. and if the SA bonus was meant as a counter-pick which it obviously was.. it would of been more productive to have waited another turn before breaking CA, as he would of wasted more armies on neutrals..

personally in this situation, I would of likely picked a location and it's counterpick as my 1-2, then continue on as you both had normally to attempt to prevent a possible counter-pick.. I'm sure many players would disagree with me however..
this is how you counter-pick: 4/28/2012 18:33:17

Level 46
australia was the best couterpick for antarctica, although i agree not counterpicking for antarctica at all would ve been almost as good. (sure as hell shouldnt ve made it my 4th, maybe 6th)

and yes, i should ve waited a turn with attacking from S-A, i was still a noob back then though.

picking a starting spot and a counter as 1st & 2nd pick would ve given you a great chance on getting both spots, being clustered even, my 4th, 5th and 6th pick were all picks that i knew that if i got any of them i at least wouldnt ve gotten all my first 3 picks.

(sorry for the late reply, i m not often in the forums xD)

What do you think about this game then ? :
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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