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Dirty Tricks: 8/12/2011 11:57:32

Level 58
Since I'm still new to WL I haven't seen this before, but surely some of you have. In a FFA game, one of the four other opponents has done nothing all game except place their complete allotment of players on the same territory on every turn. They don't attack--from any of their territories--they just place all their troops on the same territory each and every turn. This would seem to be a great strategy for hindering others while you occupy other parts of the map. Anyone ever experience this technique before? What other dirty tricks should I/we be aware of? Thx.
Dirty Tricks: 8/12/2011 21:52:10

Level 46
that s dirty nowadays ? it seems to me to just be a sucky strategy
Dirty Tricks: 8/13/2011 03:17:06

Level 50
It is an excellent strategy for small maps with no cards in my opinion.
Dirty Tricks: 8/13/2011 04:03:54

Level 9
Agreed @powerneg. I had yet to find any trick in this game yet, other than booting on the clock?
Dirty Tricks: 8/13/2011 11:28:45

Level 58
How frequently does one person use two players in a game? When I wrote the original post, I had assumed the player in question was also one of the other players in the game who was using this second alias to help him win. That was why I used the 'dirty trick' label. After reading the header post and the replies, I see I didn't explain that very well.... :-)

To Knoebber's point, the game is a small world map, but reinforcement cards (come in 3 pieces for 15% of the number of territories held) are in the game.
Dirty Tricks: 8/13/2011 11:58:58

Level 44
It's just strategy. On small maps where base income is bigger then bonus income it's better then expanding-based starategy, that's why I prefer playing on big maps i.e. 4 Worlds.
Dirty Tricks: 8/14/2011 07:56:35

Level 44
It's a fairly common strategy on the standard risk map, when you can't secure a safe*ish bonus early on..
Dirty Tricks: 8/14/2011 14:05:34

Level 55
you didnt mention it at all. if you think someone has a multiaccount you can check for things such as both profiles being created on the same day and one having an almost-zero win ratio and the other having an artificially high one. report it to fizzer and he can deal with it.

however, strategy =/= dirty trick.
Posts 1 - 8 of 8   

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