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An interesting article: 8/22/2016 14:47:43

Level 12
In the Houston Chronicle, an article was published about a small demonstration outside of the city's NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).

Holding a banner that said "White Lives Matter" and carrying a Virginia Battle Flag, as well as guns.

They did not want to cause any violence, but were concerned about how Black Lives Matter does not take accountability as a movement when its members shoot police officers, specifically white ones, and start riots. This can be tied to the Milwaukee riots of a few days ago, where a black police officer shot an armed black man.

Some people in the area seemed to approve of the message, as they see no right for BLM to go scot-free when its members target white people for attack during riots.

Personally, I stand with the White Lives Matter People on this. Although carrying a Virginia Battle Flag gives off a different message, I find it ridiculous how Black Lives Matter has turned into the New Black Panthers, fighting violently, but unlike them, their enemy does not exist.

Here's the article:

With the political tension on the forums, this seemed like a reasonable topic to discuss.
An interesting article: 8/22/2016 15:00:07

Level 41
I saw this as well and my opinion on it is highly positive. I'm increasingly tired of the treatment of whites in the world as if all the world's problems are our fault somehow?

+1 Houston #WhiteLivesMatter
An interesting article: 8/22/2016 15:00:55

Level 22
White lives do matter. Just like black lives. Hate crime is hate crime.

Edited 8/22/2016 15:01:17
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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