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highlight settings: 8/25/2016 19:04:00

Level 58
In the settings there is an option to highlight specific settings and i feel like there are currently missing 2 in there in specific, this being the Commanders and the no-split mode.

I feel like it should be easy to fix this but it seems fizzer hasn't been looking into it yet since there is a no-split on the uservoice already but since commanders are so new i wasn't able to find anything about them so i just created a uservoice for it myself.

I know that no-split isn't an actively used setting but I still feel like we shouldn't forget about that settings if all of the other settings are in there.

highlight commanders:

highlight no-split mode:
highlight settings: 8/25/2016 19:07:17

Timinator • apex 
Level 63
Uservoice, aka Graveyard of ideas
highlight settings: 8/25/2016 19:10:37

Level 58
i know it's a graveyard but i did it since someone else will just say you should uservoice it
highlight settings: 8/25/2016 22:10:38

Level 59
Also "extra armies for territories" is not highlightable, that's the one I have the biggest issue with, since it can change a game by a lot.
highlight settings: 8/25/2016 22:14:58

master of desaster 
Level 65
I'd definitely welcome to have the option to highlight commander and 0 armies standing.

When i join a game or tournament and it turns out it has one of those settings i surrender them right away.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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