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Single Player Caesar's Challenge: 8/29/2016 06:04:16

Level 30
What was your strategy for anyone who has beaten Single Player Caesar's Challenge Rise of Rome?

Either the Boss's army or the Partha Army takes me out whichever way I go
Single Player Caesar's Challenge: 8/29/2016 13:48:03

Boiled Dove
Level 55
I am also stuck on this one.
Single Player Caesar's Challenge: 8/29/2016 20:17:28

Level 59
If you really can't figure it out, Jz made a video tutorial:
Beware of the spoilers though
Single Player Caesar's Challenge: 8/31/2016 03:22:30

Level 30
I take out the other two armies and take everything except the boss. When I kill the boss it replicates into 3 other boss's. When I kill another boss it replicates again into 3 more boss's? How do you prevent a boss from replicating?
Single Player Caesar's Challenge: 8/31/2016 05:04:24

John Smith
Level 58
It is not possible to stop the boss from 'cloning', as WarLight puts it. You may notice that when the boss clones the first time, each new boss is worth 90 armies. When you take out one worth 80 armies, it spawns three, each worth 70 armies. In order to defeat this cloning boss, the trick is to be able to take out one clone at a time without letting the others damage you too much. So, my strategy was to capture the map so that there were only the bosses left, then take out the boss worth the least each turn. This way, you slowly wear down the bosses while not losing too much territory.
Single Player Caesar's Challenge: 9/9/2016 21:16:49

Level 30
finally beat it thanks
Single Player Caesar's Challenge: 9/9/2016 21:25:37

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59

Been beaten 1750 times now. Is definitely one of the harder levels though. Have to take out Parthian AI before tackling the cloning boss.

Personally I'm 1 for 9 with one of those losses coming in clone clean-up (moved my commander into a newly generated clone... very frustrating)
Single Player Caesar's Challenge: 9/10/2016 05:52:16

Level 56
It's really not that hard if you dont care about getting the gold star. Just deal with the Parthian AI by taking as much as you can and tangling him up while you throw a stack (generally via the southern border) into Parthian Empire. They don't understand superbonuses, so you'll be able to ravage them like a dockside harlot. As for the boss, don't attack him heavily until everything else is dead or neutered. Surround it each turn with 2-3 troops and attack at the end of the turn. He will not be able to do anything dangerous at all and you'll have no trouble/you wont get mobbed by his splitting. Takes about ~35 turns this way, but you win pretty much every time.
Single Player Caesar's Challenge: 9/11/2016 02:16:30

Level 12
I followed the advice in the YouTube tutorial mentioned above and it worked out well for me--after having lost about a dozen times before I found that link. Thanks for that!

To paraphrase the tutorial, the winning strategy is:

1. Take over the British Isles, sending the commander through Caledonia Inferior to Chebsonesus.

2. Remaining armies cross the English Channel and advance east and south.

3. Take out the AI3 commander hiding in Scandia.

4. AI1 boss usually appears soon after and goes after you. Keep him at bay. Sometimes the AI1 boss will head east toward AI2, in which case you time to build strength.

5. Send a breakthrough team (50-100 strong) to take out the AI2 commander, who will be hiding either in Persepolis or Agra. AI2 will have taken over much of the east side of the map and may be drawing on the Magna Asia bonus. Once you're through AI2's western front, he doesn't manage interior campaigns well. He'll have a few large armies floating around, but he leaves lots of territories with 0-2 armies. I sent small breakaway armies to create distractions and to mess up the bonuses.

6. Meanwhile, AI1 will slowly get crushed between you and AI2, leaving only the boss to roam around.

7. If you survive the push east, corner AI2's commander and take him out, leaving you to mop up his abandoned territories and go after the AI1 boss.

8. The original boss is 100-strong. Once he's eliminated, he spawns FOUR 90-strong clone bosses at random places. The death of one 90-strong clone spawns THREE 80-strong clones. 80-strong clones don't spawn. So you'll have to destroy one boss and 16 clones (4 x 90-strong and 12 x 80-strong). Sometimes an 80-strong clone will spawn on top of another clone, forming a super clone. Yikes. By this point, you will have probably covered the map, so you'll be receiving over 250 armies per turn. This will give you enough momentum to surround and take out each spawn one by one. Took me 43 turns to complete.
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