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How to get stars in single player levels?: 9/3/2016 01:11:51

♪♬ (☞゚∀゚)☞ Maayan ☚(゚ヮ゚☚) ♪♬
Level 54
Some levels are hard to finish in the given turns and how to guess where AI is moving?
How to get stars in single player levels?: 9/3/2016 03:08:17

gilead k'nights
Level 41
I wouldn't worry too much about the stars. You pretty much have to play perfectly to get them. If the levels are too easy it'll start getting harder. I'm stuck on 21 and had a problem with a few of them before that.

Edited 9/3/2016 03:09:07
How to get stars in single player levels?: 9/7/2016 16:53:53

Level 58
It's often a case of playing risky. Many of the stars require you to reach the furthest territory on the map in the most efficient route possible, so try focusing on that while not worrying quite so much about defence - the opposition will have to defend while you go directly for their income base/commander, so they won't have the income to attack you properly.
How to get stars in single player levels?: 9/10/2016 06:41:26

Level 56
Most stars aren't too bad, since the AI is... well... if it were a child, it'd be wearing a helmet and licking the windows. Plot a fastest course and just throw wildly offensive against the AI. Commanders make it even easier, since you can just hunt them and only spend passing attention to defense. Play boldly, especially early on, and stars are mostly pretty easy. Some are decidedly luck based, and some later ones get pretty difficult too.
How to get stars in single player levels?: 9/11/2016 10:19:02

♪♬ (☞゚∀゚)☞ Maayan ☚(゚ヮ゚☚) ♪♬
Level 54
Thank you.
Will start that and hope i will get all stars.
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