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Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/13/2016 01:13:24

Level 55
I just now realised it...for those who don't know, Islam officially ended on September 2. It's lifetime has come to a sudden stop.

Islam was born, not when God revealed his word to Muhammad, but when a baby was born in Samarkand.

On a like topic, here's what we'd be losing if he lost other politic leaders:

Barack Obama. Barack comes from the Hebrew word for lightning. Lightning kills something like 2000 folk each year, brings about electric problems, and brings about fires so while I am awed by it, I rather want it to go. He needs to go.

Abe Shinzō (Japan's leader). Shinzō in Japanese means heart. Eh, heart attacks kill very many each year. I took out my own heart so that I wouldn't risk one of my own organs betraying me in such a way. But I then fainted a few seconds later and had to get it put back in so...keep, I guess.

Theresa May (Britain's leader). Well, the name Theresa roots back to a Greek island that was known as "Thira". Today, it's known as Santorini, and it's a small island of 90 km^2. It might be Atlantis in Greek myth. Besides being unbearably hot there, though, it's as well home to a volcano, which ~3600 years ago made a colossal explosion. It might have been the downfall of the Minoan civilisation on Kriti through a great tsunami it brought about. So, uh, she's named after an island that made genocide out of Kritans...she needs to go.

Ban Kimoon (Banded Folks' leader). Uh, some folk do need to get banned. Some folk don't. So I'm mostly for. You can stay, Ban Kimoon.
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/13/2016 01:17:41

Level 56
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/13/2016 01:50:37

Level 51
best. clickbait. ever.
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/13/2016 01:52:15

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
Ban does not need to be banned.
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/13/2016 13:05:08

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Your name means "To infect".
Infections are the most common cause of death around the world even today. So I propose that we use Antibiotics against you, to tear you apart alive.
You need to go.
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 01:50:17

Level 56
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 02:05:41

Level 49
To be honest, Islam is in decline in certain parts of the world as more and more people are being educated for example in Iran. Islam may be on the rise in Europe but I doubt it will last that long (hopefully)
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 02:14:38

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
^I agree. Delayed enlightenment but you can not undo spread of ideas. Iran and other Muslim countries allow their women to be educated which of course is a very bad thing for a traditional society. Educated and working women result in collapse of patriarchy for pure economic reasons. The Internet further weakens closed religious societies.

There will always be people who will be very religious which is fine. However a closed traditional society is not viable in the 21st century any more. Making religion or anything else hereditary is increasingly hard which is good since I don't like almost anything hereditary.

Edited 9/14/2016 02:17:38
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 02:18:52

Level 44
^idk man, deep indoctrination is a powerful thing

many ppl are so brain-washed that literally nothing can save them
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 02:27:19

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
^The main strength of Islam is not preaching at all. Islam is pretty bad at da'wa.

What Islam is good at is violence. It is violence that expands Dar al-Islam and shrinks Dar al-Harb. This is what Judaism and Christianity do not practice now. Hence enlightenment in the Christian world and Haskalah in the Jewish world destabilize religions. Islam indeed manages to have relatively uniform interpretations of the Islamic Law (al-Sharia) which is actually put into practice (that includes death penalty for religious offenses). Without death penalty and other harsh punishments for religious offenses people will naturally be less and less religious since there is no consequence in the present world for not being that religious.

There would have been no enlightenment in the West if there were no Reformation. Reformation indeed led to more piety at first, however the fact that many sects are allowed to exist result in inevitable decline of religious authority. Ultimately the religious freedom the small sects of very pious people fought for turns out to help atheists and agnostics more than themselves since it's result is absolutely no religious authority which people are forced to accept.

As for the Jewish world after Jews were exiled again after the Jewish-Roman wars Jewish religious authority in criminal law is already nonexistent. Hence the moment religious tolerance is allowed outside Jewish settlements enlightenment is inevitable. There was just not a lot the rabbis could do to prevent people from leaving. This is also what happens in modern conservative Judeo-Christian communities. As long as you do not execute everyone that tries to rebel or leave, people will rebel or leave. There is no way a religious group can be another ISIS or North Korea when it does not have military power which Islam does have.

Islam traditionally rules. However modern Turkey, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Albania, Central Asia and some Arab countries do not implement criminal Sharia law. We already see the result, namely liberal youth rises up. We don't see that in Saudi Arabia where apostasy results in beheading and atheism results in lashes. Without criminal Sharia law secularism naturally rises and enlightenment happens. It is easy to give people information but hard to undo this procedure. Hence most Muslim nations are liberalizing up. As for Muslims in non-Muslim nations they have even less opportunities to force their rebellious members to conform. The West should just break up all Sharia zones and Islamism will naturally disappear with people Westernized. This also applies to other non-Muslim countries. Just break up their enforcement "agencies" and the problem will disappear.

Edited 9/14/2016 02:46:54
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 02:59:35

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
People may claim that some form of Jewish or Christian or Hindu etc theocracy exists but it does not. Real theocracy comparable to Sharia will look like that:

All unbelieving countries are automatically nuked for having too many unbelievers. It may result in a global holocaust and almost destruction of Planet Earth but so be it. All "sinful cities" filled with lukewarm believers are nuked as well. Anyone who has committed apostasy or blasphemy is executed. Anyone who helps such people and prevents them from being executed is executed. Any location that protects such people are nuked.

We don't really have harsh theocracies if lapsed believers, unbelievers, apostates and blasphemists are not executed. We should be glad that ISIS does not have nukes. Otherwise it may actually nuke the entire humanity for not being Muslims or not being "true Muslims".

Edited 9/14/2016 03:02:34
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 03:57:47

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
Pakistan hasn't nuked you yet, so that's a pretty dumb claim.
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 04:02:11

Level 22
^Since it is not Islamist enough. ISIS will if it has nukes.

Edited 9/14/2016 04:02:24
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 04:06:45

Палач из Империй
Level 38
99.9 precent muslim
Islam's end (somewhat fun): 9/14/2016 14:13:47

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
^I don't think so. Also whether it is an Islamist government matters more than how many Muslims exist.
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