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Analyze toolbar: 9/22/2011 10:49:28

Level 60

Is there a possibility to adjust the analyze toolbar? The first chart (with the odds of taking the territory) are very helpful, but the second one (with damage taken and inflicted) is not always that easy to interpret. Is it possible to add a feature that would count the odds of gaining a positive net income (inflicting more damage than take)? The estimation is pretty easy when there is 0% luck, but when luck goes any higher, the odds might change. For example in strategic 1vs1 when I start with an enemy adjacent territory should I can deploy 2 to 1 small 3 armies bonus and the remaining 3 to the threatened territory. That is based on 9vs8 attack net income odds and it'd be very helpful to get a tool that'd count the odds of gaining a positive net income, or (much easier) expected net income.
Analyze toolbar: 9/22/2011 12:56:26

Level 57

WarLight Creator
|> *Is it possible to add a feature that would count the odds of gaining a positive net income (inflicting more damage than take)?*

The bottom graph shows you exactly that. Look at where the lines cross - that's the point you're talking about.

Granted, it doesn't do a good job at telling you the exact army count - you have to kind of look at the graph and figure out where the number is. But you should be able to guess pretty close.
Analyze toolbar: 9/22/2011 14:49:09

Level 60
No, no, I know that it shows me with how many armies I must attack for the expected net income to be zero (it is where the line intersect), but I was asking about the probability. For example attacking 4vs3 gives you greater chances of positive net income than 9vs8, but I can't immediately state how much more probable it is. attacking 12 vs 10 (from what I understand about how the game mechanics work) the net income may vary from -10 to +10. Of course since values close to +-10 are extremely improbable (they are perceived by the program as 0%) values -1,0,1,2 have similar probabilities. It might not be that useful later on but when counting probabilities of opponent eliminating you not in this, but next turn one must consider carefully the net income factor.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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