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Part of life?: 10/3/2011 21:10:08

[WM] retrospekcja_jeza 
Level 58
I saw that i've reached the point of 4000 played games :) it made me to think about it for a while, guys do you think warlight is/can be part of your life?

during my adventure with that outstanding game i was one step to give it up, i even made such [topic]( to help me doing it :) , finally i came back (what was so obvious) and i'm still here,
i've played with many of you guys spending really great time
even managed to persuade some of my friends to start that game, taught them from basics to more advanced tactics, i tried it even my boss (lol) but after some 1v1 games he gave up :)

nowadays, especially after joining ladder, i start my work with warlight and it accomapnies me during whole time at work and home, it acts like addiction

to sum up, I would like to thank Fizzer for doing really good job!!

sorry for that chaos but English has never been my strong part :))

GL to all you guys!

i'm aiming for 5000 now!!
Part of life?: 10/3/2011 22:11:08

Level 36
glad to see that you've stayed around. You're a great player, maybe you can go on record for the most games played!
Part of life?: 10/3/2011 22:49:09

Level 57

WarLight Creator
You're welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying it. You're currently the 2nd highest in number of multi-player games played:

Player_Name | Number of games played
Heyheuhei | 4393
retrospekcja_jeza | 4001
Maturzysta | 3761
Chump Interpellation | 3545
[WM] Ottarinn | 3323
really fat guy | 3142
Herr | 3098
FBG - Justin Case | 2914
Part of life?: 10/4/2011 06:47:07

Level 57
You joined Warlight 15 months ago and already played 4000 games since then? I think you have a serious addiction problem and need professional help. Really please don't feel offended, just do the maths: 8-9 games a day. Say each games takes 10 turns average (which is a conservative estimation), and say you spend only 2 minutes per turn (which is also conservative, even with parallel real-time games, since time for setting up games, waiting for teammates etc. is not even added in). That's somewhere between 2-3 hours of Warlight per day.
Seriously: If you were my employee I'd already fired you long time ago for burning so much of my money ... :-)
Part of life?: 10/5/2011 04:26:00

BishesUpInErr (AHoL)
Level 4
Simultaneous games^^
Part of life?: 10/5/2011 04:29:51

BishesUpInErr (AHoL)
Level 4
Sorry, reread the post and saw that simultanous games does not solve the problem. What does solve the problem is that most turns don't take anywhere near 2 minutes, at least for me. 30 second turns sounds more like it.
Part of life?: 10/5/2011 05:14:25

Level 9
And I'm pretty sure a big chuck of these games are from quick 1v1 games
Part of life?: 10/5/2011 06:10:29

Level 57
Yes, I see. And we all know he can quit anytime he wants ;-)
Juuuuuuust like the rest of us ...
Part of life?: 10/5/2011 07:59:58

Level 44
I'll quit.. just... one more game and I'm leaving... just this one... honest..
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