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Question about first pick: 10/4/2011 15:25:33

Level 57
I think I read somewhere on on this forum or the wiki that the fact whoever gets first pick in a game has an influence on the score calculation. Is that right? If so, what about games where players' picks don't collide? In [this game]( for example, both players got their first 3 picks, yet the game description still states Unyoto as the one getting first pick. That seems wrong?
Question about first pick: 10/4/2011 20:32:08

Level 44
in the ladder having first pick is deemed a slight advantage, so ytou get a slight advantage for scoring purposes... It doesn't matter if the advantage was used.. It's the fact that you -will- get your first pick no If's and buts etc.

If I remember, Fizzer had only implemented that similar to the chess first move, and he had watched the games to see if first pick is actually a significant advantage or not.

Personally, in many cases I -Hate- Getting my first three picks.. then I'm just wandering randomly trying to find the enemy.
Question about first pick: 10/4/2011 20:55:55

The Impaller 
Level 9
Yeah, I'm a big fan of getting either 1, 3, 4 or 1, 2, 5 as my picks. Those are usually the combinations I prefer. Getting first pick is nice, though, as that's generally the spot you most want.
Question about first pick: 10/5/2011 00:12:06

Level 44
I really like getting my 6 pick, just because I can predict the better portion of my opponents moves early on while I -know- that they can't fully predict me

although I find that my 4th pick is quite often very important since my 4th pick is my favorite counter-pick location
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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