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curiosity: 10/10/2011 05:16:34

Level 2
i am new to warlight and sat down with a friend of mine in a free for all with me her and 2 ai. i would like feed back as to how well people think i did or any tips as to things i could do different.
curiosity: 10/10/2011 08:10:25

Level 44
just off the bat, your friend started off with too big of a bonus.. W.china is a bad first move in her situation.. I'd think N.Africa would of been the best bet, and s/he should of tried to remove you from africa as soon as possible, with ant,, your holding was a vital location to push out. SA in the standard earth map is one of the worst bonuses to grab, compared only with Ant, if I remember -I play mostly on so is hazy- Imho, you would of been better off having went for the Canada bonus first.. it has if I recall the same amount of territories and almost twice the bonus.. the states were unoccupied and by that time there was little action in Greenland, so it could if been defended more easily as well.. It seems like both of you gave up asia, and hoped the AI's would keep themselves busy...
just watching through it.. It seems like your friend doesn't quite understand how the bonuses work yet.. I don't recall seeing him/her ever having completed a bonus, but I notice mid game s/he did...
One thing that you probably should of done, once you realized you had an overpowered AI to deal with.. push forward with a large force.. they don't tend to defend too well, and breaking bonuses with a roaming army or three can be useful in their ultimate demise.. and since AI's tend to fail to attack, sending in less armies will usually result in almost as many wins.. but when they do actually drop armies, you won't lose a ton of troops

and more, which I don't currently feel like going into.. only got to like turn 24 in my frantic ramble ;)

I'm sure if duke or ruthless or someone gets in here, they'll tear apart my rant and give better information :P
curiosity: 10/10/2011 17:24:40

Level 2
thank for your input things didnt really pick up much on my end till later in the game when the ai became a bit of a problem and it went back and forth between me and it. after about half way to three quarters the way through the game ladyodette started taking territories in europe and quickly expanded from there since the ai was too preoccupied with fighting me near the end of the game i had several large armies come in through asia and a couple smaller armies come in through south africa.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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