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Does anyone use FL Studio?: 9/29/2016 01:13:27

Level 56
I've been trying to improve some, and in fact, I have been greatly over the past two months. Anyway, can anyone more experienced either:

A- give some tips/advice


B- Direct me to a useful youtube channel that has good content for learning this.

If you aren't going to be helpful, don't bother commenting. You know who you are.
Does anyone use FL Studio?: 9/29/2016 01:23:44

Spenglerian Traditionalist
Level 47
''You know who you are.''

Could you tell us who they are?
Does anyone use FL Studio?: 9/29/2016 01:24:41

Level 55
I've heard universal studios is pretty cool in Florida. Never been there myself, though.
Here are some links that you may find useful

And besides, who are the unhelpful people in the community? All the people I can think of are quite helpful. Especially those with a flag from southern Europe.
Does anyone use FL Studio?: 9/29/2016 02:23:48

Level 59
forum spammers and pretty unhelpful. he's probably refering to those.
Does anyone use FL Studio?: 9/29/2016 03:41:30

Level 59
yea. i wouldnt find forum spammers helpful, or want to help them in return.
Does anyone use FL Studio?: 9/29/2016 03:44:46

Level 54
yea. i wouldnt find forum spammers helpful, or want to help them in return.

Well, unless you are holding a grudge... Why not help him? He clearly is not doing it now.
Does anyone use FL Studio?: 9/29/2016 06:16:27

Level 59
And kids aren't shoving pinecones into my car's exhaust pipe anymore. Doesn't mean I won't try to run them over.
Does anyone use FL Studio?: 9/29/2016 15:43:36

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 49
Get in spammer noose
- downvoted post by Paugers
Does anyone use FL Studio?: 9/29/2016 22:03:41

Level 59
With all jokes aside I actually use it all the time with my music.

Here are some songs I've made.

Kited Dankness:

Lost Wolves:

Stormy Newcan:

My advice is you should always AVOID using the default samples they give you at all costs. I'm talking about the piano, guitar, and string files that you can choose by scrolling through that left menu. They're complete sht. Although it may look crazy hard at first, try to use plug-ins instead whenever possible.

Also, NEVER make your songs too repetitive. Trust me, you don't want it to end up like Stormy Newcan. The melody's awesome at first but crap gets irritating fast.

I made Lost Wolves back in 2014 and it has a catchy tune (I guess?). The problem with that song is that I used the same synths and samples over and over again that it gets bland after a while. Don't do that either. Try to mix up the instruments you choose from time to time too.

Kited Dankness without a doubt is my best song. It has variety, and also somewhat of a sick beat and buildup. However, I don't know what genre you're planning to pursue, so my advice here might not be all that helpful since all my songs are dedicated to a mix between EDM and dubstep.

I can't really go anymore in-depth with advice however since I don't know what version you're using. I'm using the FL Studio DEMO version (literally). Tell me yours so maybe I can elaborate.
Does anyone use FL Studio?: 9/29/2016 22:41:59

Level 56
Thank you so much Semice for a real answer. Deeply appreciated.

Anyway, I'm using producer edition, I have the reFX Nexus VST and some others. I don't use the default samples, never did. For my drum lines I usually use the FPC VST since it's pretty quick and I like most of the samples on it. I have the VEC2 drum sample pack so that gets used occasionally. Anyway, on the repetitive thing, I'm working on it. I'm liking to stick to electronic genres in general, but nothing in particular at the moment. So far, (not counting the shitty remix I did), I seem to be best at progressive house. Melodies are simple, and I'm decent at layering the sounds for it. I have over 1000 presets for Sytrus that I've acquired, and I have quite a few I made myself. I've tried my hand at dubstep but really am having trouble producing the synth sounds that I want. I do have some issues balancing the sounds, so sometimes things end up too quiet or overpowered by another. I have like 130+ unfinished projects saved, so I often have ideas but abandon them. So far, Sytrus has proven to be my favorite VST, due to what you can do with it. Anyway, if you want to talk more, please send me an in game mail.

Nice songs btw :) I notice you like to use gated synths a lot.

Edited 9/29/2016 22:45:48
Does anyone use FL Studio?: 9/29/2016 23:23:28

Level 58
I use [FEL] Studio. Meow!
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