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Single Player Level 3: 10/16/2011 01:19:43

[REGL] FourthFloor
Level 3
Ive long been a risk player, and im really enjoying Warlight..however, level 3 on the single player games is really killing my moral.

I play a strategic, slow game, and im guessing thats my problem? The gold star says 19 turns, and Im no where near victory at 19. Should i ditch slow/strategic for fast?

I dont wanna hear *"Lvl 3? so easy.."*, but some advice would be great!
Single Player Level 3: 10/16/2011 03:00:11

Level 3
From my experience with this map, you generally do want to always be on the move. Caution might win a map, but it doesn't help when aiming for finishing a map with a turn limit.

The best things I can recommend is getting more familiar with some of the core mechanics of the game, particularly the number of units needed to guarantee a capture vs odds you might fail. A single unit can make a big difference sometime, especially if the capture would net you a bonus.

There is also a bit of luck involved too. The best start is one where the opponents are relatively far away from you fighting amongst themselves and giving you time to grab a few bonuses and go from there. If you get bogged down in too much early aggression, it very well might hinder your late game making a victory by 19 impossible.

Like most things, it just takes some practice. When I was going for the gold stars, I noticed my time generally improved by a couple turns each game I did.

Hope that helps some.
Single Player Level 3: 10/16/2011 03:48:00

[REGL] FourthFloor
Level 3
Thanks, i actually just beat it, took me 51 turns.

I started in africa with everyone else is eurasia duking it out, thanks for the advice :)
Single Player Level 3: 10/16/2011 06:24:27

Level 44
the main problem with lvl 3 and Crazy, is that they both require a great deal of luck in starting locations for you -and- the AI's.. add that to the luck you need from the 75% luck settings, then the luck they also have in them concentrating more on each other then on you, probably make them some of the least skill orientated of the challenges Imho..

I was so upset when Fizzer Released the star system, and he decided to put me 1 turn away from both lvl 3 and Europe...
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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