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Hurricane Matthew: 10/1/2016 04:15:14

Level 56

First category 5 storm in the Atlantic basin since Hurricane Felix in 2007. Northern Venezuela is currently affected, with a part under a tropical storm warning. Jamaica and southern Haiti are under watches, and eastern Cuba is in the predicted line of fire. The Bahamas are predicted to be impacted in the 4-5 day range, and from there on, possible USA east coast effects. GFS Ensemble computer models are showing possible impacts to the outer banks of North Carolina, and further north, Boston and other areas of New England.

I'm saying this as an alert to those who may not know about this and may be in possibly affected areas.

Stay safe.

Update 11AM EDT
As of now, southern Haiti and all of Jamaica are under a hurricane watch.

Edited 10/1/2016 17:16:32
Hurricane Matthew: 10/1/2016 04:23:22

Level 59
Do you also sense irony
Hurricane Matthew: 10/1/2016 04:25:18

Level 55
who needs this? Who would not know of this and yet somehow find out by reading a warlight forum?
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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