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pls sove my doubts :(: 10/18/2011 21:37:57

Level 3
1.suppose i want to make my 1st order before my enemy's first order;
pls tell me all the possible ways { also tell me that how to make my first order before enemy's first order : when both uses order priority card }

2.if me and my enemy chooses same start placements with SAME priority order .... how warlight decides that who will take which place ? { suppose we both chooses antartica , South america and north America with same priority order ..
and i seriously wish to take at least antartica , is there is any trick to do so ?

3.once upon i time , i played a 1vs1 game .... there i chose Antarctica , NA and SA with 1st 2nd and 3rd order resp.
my enemy chose south africa , north africa , NA with 1st 2nd 3rd order resp.

and when place ments completed my enemy got NA , despite of the fact that he had given that 3rd order and i given NA 2nd order ....
WHAt this mean ???

thanks in advance
pls sove my doubts :(: 10/18/2011 21:48:19

Level 3
only professional players give answer.....
i don't want any wrong information
pls sove my doubts :(: 10/18/2011 21:59:20

Level 44
the only NA in earth map is I will assume you mean Canada

Orders and territory selection follow an abbaab series..

strategic 1v1, you get 3 territories...

you choose Ant, Canada, S.Am
he choose S.Af, N.Af, Canada

with this setup, he cannot get canada before you.., reason
You're first one would have to be one of his first two in order for him to get his 3rd before you get your second..

1Ant, 2S.Af,, 1Canada, 1S.Am, 2Random Location

If it was
and his was say Ant-N.Af-Canada
and you got lucky to get first draw it'd go

1Ant,, 2Canada, 1S.Am, 1Random, 2Random

It's important to always choose territories equal to the amount all players will receive..

1v1 3 territs to start, manual distribution, you should choose 6 territories, because if you choose the same territories and you choose less then 6, you could receive a random territory, which might be non-beneficial

Please Link game btw.

2. Warlight randomly decides turn order each turn, unless cyclic turn order is turned on, when there is same priority. when one player plays an order priority card -or more order priority cards then the other players- His orders are automatically placed first.. -in abbaab format-

1. Order Priority, luck, or calculating out who goes first in a cyclic turn order game.. those are the only ways

sorry for answering your questions backwards, the third one was the one I really wanted to answer most ;)
pls sove my doubts :(: 10/18/2011 22:00:05

Level 44
gah.. that 2-1 needs to be reversed.. I really dislike how the new forum automatically numbers my numbers how they think it should be, instead of letting me number my numbers the way I numbered them.. D:
pls sove my doubts :(: 10/18/2011 22:27:04

Level 3
i forgot where the game was ... may be i was wrong declaring "i chose Antarctica , NA and SA with 1st 2nd and 3rd order resp.
my enemy chose south africa , north africa , NA with 1st 2nd 3rd order resp. "

anyway i did not knew about this abbaab format ; serioslly interesting :)
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