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Hard single player levels: 10/7/2016 04:43:36

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
Here is a really hard one:

I know how to eliminate 4 of the 5 AIs in Turn 1, namely doing a 1-army attack to delay a move and then eliminate all AI's starting positions. I don't know how we are supposed to continue though. Like always maintain an income advantage while doing the following things:

1. Avoiding AI's big stack attacks.
2. Withstand AI's small attacks.
3. Take AI's starting position if the big stack vacates itself.

If 1-3 are done and an income advantage of 5-20 armies is maintained we will eventually catch up with the AI in total army amount and then defeat the AI.

What do you guys think?

Edited 10/7/2016 04:46:14
Hard single player levels: 10/7/2016 04:50:48

Level 22

Here is a level I'm making. The basic idea of this level is to use 49999% emergency blockade cards to destroy the big stacks of North Korea. For example 30 armies can handle 10000 armies if emergency blockaded. The key issue with this level is that AI has a higher income than the human player hence it is very hard for the human to find a safe location. Another issue is that the emergency blockade rate makes it very easy to have an entire map cut into 2-3 pieces with walls of heavy neutrals preventing the human player from escaping.

Can anyone beat this one as is?

Edited 10/7/2016 05:14:53
Hard single player levels: 10/7/2016 19:03:34

Level 59
Unless I am missing somthing, your 1,2 and 3 is the steps to take.

Hard to see how to do that, without rellying on quite a lot of luck throug.
Hard single player levels: 10/8/2016 16:53:08

Frosty Fox
Level 23
This one is already too hard for me: ._.
But it looks similar, you just have to be running away long enough to build up more armies.
Hard single player levels: 10/8/2016 21:05:53

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
Hard single player levels: 10/8/2016 23:07:39

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
This one is not inherently hard. You just need to make sure that Kim Dynasty does not wall itself up somewhere.

Hint: we have a lot of very heavy emergency blockade and blockade cards. A lot of airlifts as well.

Edited 10/8/2016 23:13:06
Hard single player levels: 10/8/2016 23:53:29

Level 60
So you made this for shameless self-promotion of essentially the same template (stronger enemy, but powerful blockades) in different maps, while poking mockery and insults to players/people you just generally don't like?

Okay. :P
Hard single player levels: 10/8/2016 23:55:27

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 53
^Not all my templates are WS templates.

My single-player levels are usually in one of the two groups, Feline Wars and Feline Games. Feline Wars are expected to be moderately hard (with win rates supposed to be less than 50%) while Feline Games are expected to be easy.

Feline Games:
1. 49999% Emergency Blockade Cards
People are supposed to finish it within 2 turns. The key tactics are a high (but not with your entire army) emergency blockade coupled with an advance as well as one delay move during Turn 2.
2. Surprise Attack!
This is a multiattack template. People are supposed to finish it within 1 turn. The key tactic is to directly advance along I-90 towards Springfield and take the bonus containing it. Then the canine AI will be immediately eliminated.
3. Cats waiting
This is a template involving diplo cards. You probably should use both of them. You have more income than caninists who have no income at all hence you should use diplos to delay their advance while you build up your forces.
4.Airborne Cats
People are supposed to finish it within 5 turns. This level involves many airlift cards. The key is to airlift in and use a 1-army delayed attack on the most useless enemy territory before counterattacking against enemy territories that you want to take during turn 1. Then you should airlift out from the castle to make sure that enemy attacks result in the destruction of entire enemy forces.
5.Pan-Feline Forces
The key in this template is that you need to adequately supply your AI friend, called Cats. You have many airlift cards so airlifts are actually combat support instead of merely transporting troops. Airlift + counterattack should happen whenever your enemies outnumber Cats.

Feline Wars:
1.No Caninism on earth!
The key is to ruin Asia, Africa, Oceania and keep North America. Caninists should not be allowed to complete Europe or Oceania.
2.Rise of Felidae
Escape from the Caninist Occupation Forces at the beginning. Use your emergency blockade and blockade cards as long as you always have access to all caninist-occupied territories. Also do not blockade if you are in danger of elimination from your own blockades. Ultimately you will win.
3.Felines of Pyongyang
Escape first. Try to ruin every single bonus unless you can capture it. Kim Jong-un and his caninists will also blockade a lot. The key is to ruin all Kim's bonuses, use emergency blockade cards and airlifts to kill his big stacks and make sure that there is no single territory completely walled with none of your territories behind the wall.
4.Miezekatze Hunters rules!
Caninists have advantage in initial armies but they still can be beaten. It is mostly a regular game.

There are several future FWs and FGs as well.

Future levels:
1.Feline Wars: Operation Catplex
A feline surprise attack results in Wolves becoming Lost Wolves, namely Pan-Feline Forces annexing their headquarter!
2.Feline Wars: Freedom of CORP
Take the entire CORP map from Cata's territory. It is very likely that this will be another WS template. The human players may have several allies such as Felidae, Miezekatze Hunters, Cats, Free CORP Movement, etc. There may also be an AI called Lost Wolves which helps the Caninist Occupation Forces inside CORP.
3.Feline Wars: The evil triple alliance
The player needs to fight against an alliance of 3 AIs, caninists, Islamists and Nazis.
4.Feline Wars: Disbanding the Lost Wolves
It will be about how the Pan-Feline Forces chase down the remaining Wolves that have escaped from previous battles, now known as The Lost Wolves and disband them.

Edited 10/9/2016 20:53:42
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