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After game chat: 10/23/2011 20:58:37

Major Risk 
Level 51
Is there any way a message or something could pop up on your screen as I constantly find myself having to go to unactive games to chat with people or to see after game chat, it would be nice not to have to keep checking these games for messages back and just have a notification that pops up that if you click on it , it would take you to the game in question. As I have no programming experience I do not know how hard this would be to implement.
After game chat: 10/23/2011 22:32:40

Level 57

WarLight Creator
On the My Games page, click Options and set the filter to "Games with pending chat." That will show you a list of the games where there's chat you haven't seen yet.

In the next release, there will also be a filter named "Games that are active or have unread chat" so you can set that as your default.
After game chat: 10/23/2011 23:38:34

Level 55
"Games where it's my turn, or I have unread chat messages" is pretty useful too.
After game chat: 10/24/2011 00:45:37

Level 14
@Major Risk : you have a great video under your Player-supplied link. The view in the 58th second simply breathtaking. And thats nothing compared to the message !
After game chat: 10/24/2011 14:09:58

Major Risk 
Level 51
Thanks Fizzer and FGB-Dragons it was very useful. A suggestion could be that you could filter chat messages from only certain users.
And @gilgamesz thanks, My favorite view is in the first few seconds!
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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