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Island hopping: 10/10/2016 12:32:17

Level 9
Ok so far I haven't had much trouble with the campaign, some maps I had to start over and try again and after a few tries I succeeded.
But I really can't get past the Island hopping mission, no matter what I try, the AI in top right corner destroys me. I tried rushing to it and then disrupting his bonusses, this resulted in me getting clobbered by the other AI's.
When I try a slow defensive expanse he gets really strong, destroys the other ai's and then heads for me.

I'm by far a good warlight player and I'm aware of this, but I would like to complete the single player missions. I tried studying the moves the AI makes in this mission, but can't find the way to turn this into my advantage. Anybody got some advice for this level?

Thanks a lot!
Island hopping: 10/10/2016 13:32:21

Level 59
sorry to say but if it's the level i'm thinking about it's just standard fast expansion. keep expanding while securing chokepoints, play the AIs against each other and just keep expanding until it's easy to wipe them out one by one.
Island hopping: 10/10/2016 14:19:10

Level 55
squiggles PM anyone else?

also this thread should be in strategy
Island hopping: 10/10/2016 17:40:56

Timinator • apex 
Level 63
+1 ps. pure expansion in all dircetions.
Island hopping: 10/11/2016 17:21:33

Level 60
this should really be in the strategy section, chris cum is slacking lately
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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