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'Vacation' limit extension under special circumstances?: 10/24/2011 22:45:38

Level 2
Please can I request an extension to the number of vacations allowed to certain players if they have legitimate reasons?

For example, I am in the Royal Naval Reserve and intend to join the Navy regulars as soon as I finish university. This means I spend many weekends away and also go on several longer deployments. Specifically, more than 5 a year. After last weekend when I found I had been booted from several games because I was away with the Navy for the weekend, I intend to put my profile on 'vacation' mode each time. However, I would only be able to do this 5 times in a year, which is clearly not enough.

I understand the 5 time limit, but I would imagine there may be other people out there who also have realistic reasons why they need a higher limit. Is it possible for these people to get 'extensions'?
'Vacation' limit extension under special circumstances?: 10/24/2011 23:02:39

Level 57

WarLight Creator
After using up all 5, send an e-mail to with your request.
'Vacation' limit extension under special circumstances?: 10/25/2011 22:36:42

Level 2
ok thankyou :D
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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