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David and Goliath (single player): 10/18/2016 19:59:38

l am so smart 3
Level 31
In 16 days this levels wasnt defeated and less and less players was playing it. So I decided to make same advertisment for this level, so players searching for "challenging" single player levels can try it.
There is one trick wich makes it super easy. Good luck.
Went public on 10/2/2016
Number of attempts: 368
Number of wins: 0
David and Goliath (single player): 10/18/2016 21:08:32

Level 60
Of the 10 most difficult* SP levels, your has the 4th most plays, so I would be quite happy with ~370 attempts if I where you.

Anyway, does the trick require any luck? Cus, I can set up the pattern where I have the AI only being in one bonuses, and me having the rest, slowly winding it's army down. But then it suddenly decides to split it's stack, and it is lost :/ (Turn 10 is my record, before it happening I think. Either way, I know I can beat it if I get luck on my side.)

*as per Muli's Script.

Edited 10/18/2016 21:11:45
David and Goliath (single player): 10/19/2016 10:22:03

l am so smart 3
Level 31
I am not sure, when doing the testing I was able to complete it in one try. But I know, that AI has a very small chance (probably lower than 1%) to make same unlogical, unexepted move (like atacking with 10 armies territory with 20 armies). how many armies did you have in the territories?
David and Goliath (single player): 10/23/2016 22:06:45

Level 59
Did you only complete the level once?

If you do it again now, do you succeed first try as well?
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