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Where can I find my scenarios?: 10/19/2016 10:32:06

Level 22
Hello everyone. First of all to mention I'm new to the forums and don't have massive amounts of experience in WL.
But it really seems like a great community and I'm sure I can get a lot of help with the game here!

Simply put...
I've been making a few scenarios for fun and so, but when I save them after I've pressed "Done" I can't exactly find them. I have checked through my saved templates and such but they're simply not there. I really have no idea where they would be. Thanks in advance for help or tips!
Btw worth mentioning is that I'm using the WL app. Don't think this would have too much effect but might help a bit.
Where can I find my scenarios?: 10/19/2016 12:03:07

Level 53
It's quite cute that you think the community is friendly xD

Jokes aside,I have noticed that scenarios won't save unltil you hit the finish button.You could try checking that out for yourself.

Hope this helps!

Edit:Just now realized.If you create a single player custom scenario,you can only use it in multiplayer if you are above lvl 47 or have the mega strategy pack

Edited 10/19/2016 12:05:14
Where can I find my scenarios?: 10/19/2016 18:02:41

Level 22
Oh, well I was mainly thinking about testing them out for single player purposes for now. I don't think I have the skill nor the confidence to put them out public yet Lol. I can't find them in saved single player settings or anything..but you're telling me I need to finish the whole scenario and not only the map for it to save...?
As you see my map making skills are quite cute too
Where can I find my scenarios?: 10/19/2016 18:15:48

Level 60
Step 1. Play on the website. The app is.....bad.
Step 2. Play on the website. The app is.....bad.

To save a custom senario there is a couple of ways. Firstly you save them as a template (or rather as part of a template.) This works for both MP and SP. Another way to "save" them is to have a MP game link. Then you can always make a game using the settings from that game. On the website, you can design your own SP custom scenario, then give the template link to someone who has it unlocked. They can create a game for you (by changing the url from SingelPlayer to multiplayer.) Having a game link is best, since a game never gets deleted.
Where can I find my scenarios?: 10/22/2016 21:04:43

Level 22
Thanks for the info! I'll check that out.
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