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Worst gameplay ever?: 10/24/2016 14:05:44

Level 55

This is definitely the most riddiculous duel I've ever played.

I made a series of grave mistakes at turns 9 and 10, when I attacked Africa. My gamble turned out to be a void victory, allowing the opponent to enter East Asia. I was about to surrender, but decided to gave it a few more turns. And then, after his every move my jaw kept hitting the floor. I was in awe of how TERRIBLE his gameplay was.

Worst gameplay ever?: 10/24/2016 14:29:22

Level 56
He's 1300 on the ladder, not sure why this is shocking.

The entire game, from both players, is a comedy of errors.
Worst gameplay ever?: 10/24/2016 14:38:44

Level 50

Here's some worse gameplay. Oh wait, that's right, the losing player in this one is you.
Worst gameplay ever?: 10/24/2016 18:50:54

Level 58

Donkirk had good odds of winning with positionnal advantage in Asia. The game would have been lost if he ONLY took Caucasus.

Ambassador is expanding into Middle East. Middle East is the worst bonus in this map and on top of that, Middle East had a wasteland in this scenario.

Ambassador takes CANADA. He also tries to conquer GREENLAND. GREENLAND is okay bonus but it has wasteland. It was pretty bad on his part to lose Scandinavia.

Zinner picks Middle East and Southeast Asia. It is a very questionable 2-turn combo. His play is very okay-ish. It wasn't necessary to take over Russia but it did not matter at this stage of the game.
Worst gameplay ever?: 10/24/2016 20:04:55

Level 55
Well, I never considered myself a pro in 1v1, and I said clearly that I made some big mistakes - after turn 10 I should lose the game even to a non-experienced player (donkirk is a lvl 50+ player). What made me shocked, was the easiness of retaking the china bonus TURN AFTER TURN. Also, for an unknown reason, he defended the Americas like a lion, while giving me Australia and Antarctica practically for free.

Edited 10/24/2016 22:10:04
Worst gameplay ever?: 10/24/2016 21:09:13

Level 56
Level means very little.

Most people on the ladder under 1300 rating are high level. Equating level with skill is absolutely a mistake.
Worst gameplay ever?: 10/24/2016 21:26:00

Timinator • apex 
Level 63
I have to disagree. The higher the level, the higher the skill. everyone should know that.
Worst gameplay ever?: 10/26/2016 11:10:45

Level 56
I disagree. A lvl 1 could beat me on 1v1, I'm that shit
Worst gameplay ever?: 10/28/2016 11:42:28

Level 46
If it's an alt, yeah.
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