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Custom Scenario building challenge: 10/25/2016 01:16:36

Level 60
As far as I can tell with the custom scenario builder, there is no possibility of random distribution within a certain amount of designated territories. Another player and I have been devising a template that would be best suited for such a start. To be more specific, for example, I assign 6 whole bonuses to a slot, but only allow that slot to start with a maximum of 12 territories withing those 6 bonuses. If this is possible, could someone please instruct me as to how. Thanks.
Custom Scenario building challenge: 10/25/2016 01:30:43

Level 59
Short answer, no. (What you want is a set of territories pick-able for team A, etc. Right now you can only do this using Scenarios that are made by the map maker. You can ask the mapmaker to add it ofc. I think they can. That is all as far as I know.)

Long answers, you can do many other things ~
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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