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Host PE failure: 11/8/2016 17:48:58

Level 56
In game, the host, AKAthe infamous Taggy Jubbernaut, has his teammate attack me without declaration. He backs his teammate becausenI "woofed where I should have meowed".
Host PE failure: 11/8/2016 17:53:25

Level 56
Host PE failure: 11/8/2016 17:59:25

Level 60
In game, the host, AKAthe infamous Taggy Jubbernaut, has his teammate attack me without declaration. He backs his teammate becausenI "woofed where I should have meowed".

This is one example why diplomacy isn't real Warlight
Host PE failure: 11/8/2016 20:43:12

Level 60
LOL my diplos have very different rules from regular ones.
Please read the rules.

We have the Congolese president attempting to lead a team of Congolese provincial governors against the undeclared invasion of Uganda led by Museveni (me) and Rwanda led by Kagame (Taran). Uganda and Rwanda are villians and are NOT supposed to respect Congolese sovereignty at all just like IRL (this is literally written!).

Victory conditions:
1.Congolese President: Force Uganda and Rwanda to accept Congolese sovereignty over Congolese territories.
2.Uganda & Rwanda: Force the Congolese president to concede sovereignty in any matter. That means if we get to annex Bukavu or deploy troops in Ituri with the consent of the Congolese president we win and the Congolese president loses.
3.Congolese Governors: You win by existing by the time the game ends.

What happened in that game (it's the second Congo RP) is that we successfully got the governors of Katanga and Maniema to side with us and rebel against the Congolese government. Hence we kept marching into Congolese hinterland under the name of "Congolese Movement for Democracy and Progress" (CMDP) "rebels".

When I hosted the first game I lost easily as the Congolese leader. This time Congo has been strengthened but no longer has Tanzania as an ally. It turns out that the game is still unbalanced against the Congolese president. Next time I will strengthen the Congolese president more by allowing him/her to deploy troops in several key cities.

@PoF I haven't denied that Uganda and Rwanda do evil in Congo just like what they do IRL. It's up to Earl and his team to prevent us from colonizing your country and conquering your people while pretending to be domestic rebels. Sorry but you failed. We subjugated Bukavu, Kisangani and Mbuji-Mayi. We are at the borders of Kananga and Mbandaka. We will install our puppet leader in Kinshasa while you patriots are herded to a kangaroo court in Bukavu for a show-trial and imprisonment. Sorry but we are RPing as the bad guys and that's what we will do.

And yes. This is all not true Warlight. Lol.

Allow me to explain.

On the board, the only thing that matters is 1-0. You do this by eliminating your opponents from the board using the income and position you are given. No fancy diplomacy, no fancy roleplaying, no human interaction matters to true Warlight: the only thing that matters is the end result. All the rules you make up to create a pseudo-reality are only able to mask the truth, that 1-0 is all that matters. Embrace this and learn to enjoy 1v1 and your life on this game will be infinitely more satisfying.
Host PE failure: 11/8/2016 20:55:03

Level 22
^I only occasionally play RP. At least this one is more realistic than most diplos where countries want to eliminate each other and often backstab which do not actually happen IRL. IRL there is backstabbing but it's not that common. This one is really an RP, not a traditional Warlords' diplo.

Key mistakes the Congolese side has made:
1.Not organizing positions well. Earl shouldn't have accepted whoever I put there wherever I put them.
2.Not checking each other's orders for defections. Our communication was nowhere as good as it should have been. However my rebel governors frequently managed to reduce the income of loyalist governors in sudden attacks without the other side noticing that someone was collaborating with us.
3.Governor of Equateur should not have decided to stand by and stay neutral. Kinshasa is never going to eliminate you. On the other hand, we have the incentive to do so both to de facto control Congo and to keep our promises to our allies aka Congolese defectors. It's a very bad idea for the governor of Equateur or Katanga to attempt a civil war to capture Kinshasa while Ugandans and Rwandans are flooding the country due to our income.
4.Probably gift cards should have been used to bring your forces to the front. Congo can not resist an invasion by transferring or airlifting alone since despite its total income being higher than that of Uganda and Rwanda combined, its local income isn't very high. If we can somehow ruin Orientale superbonus within a short time you will be in trouble. The same applies to Katanga.

How the game went:
We contacted almost all governors at the beginning of the game. It turns out that Maneima is willing to rebel. Later we found out that so does Katanga, a much larger province. We first set up a puppet government in Burundi, let the Burundian AI ruin South Kivu while we destroyed the bonuses of North Kivu and Orientale. Kinshasa airlifts to Bukavu but we ended up capturing it. Maneima suddenly attacks Orientale and Kasai-Oriental provinces which caused serious confusion within Congo and a de facto Congolese Civil War while our forces were invading. Then we basically marched towards Kinshasa while the Congolese military faced another surprise attack, this time from Katanga. With Katangans ruining Kasai-Occidental and Kasai-Oriental from the south Congo became increasingly ungovernable. While Equateur remained neutral and Bandundu got booted, most Congolese governors stayed loyal which did not really help them. Later Equateur declared independence and backstabbed Congolese forces. However they did not want to deal with us and we invaded that country. Bas-Congo also declared independence and ironically remained allies with Kinshasa but we are already in possession of almost the entire Eastern Congo and are marching towards Kinshasa.

Our planned future:
CMDP has moved the Congolese capital to Kisangani. The former governor of Maneima will be allocated land in Bas-Congo Province, including Kinshasa maybe excluding one territory which will be our base in the West. We will control the rest of Congo directly.

Edited 11/8/2016 21:17:31
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