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games that ended: 11/7/2011 07:30:51

Level 48
When you play in many games (especially multi-day) it's hard to see when a game ended unless you put it on 'view all games' or your opponent left a 'gg' msg or so.

would it be possible for the system to add a message "game ended" in the general chat window so you could see it as an unread message and therefore see the game finished?
games that ended: 11/7/2011 07:34:19

Level 57

WarLight Creator
Most people just look when they get the e-mail that notifies them that it ended. This works well with FFA fog games since they're sent an e-mail when the fog is revealed no matter what. At some point in the future, it would be nice to have additional in-game notification methods for those who don't like email, but I don't think chat is the right mechanism for that.
games that ended: 11/7/2011 07:45:47

Level 48
problem is that the email is not in-game and requires you to check your mailbox (which often is a dummy mail account people use for gaming purposes only).
maybe a new filter option that shows 'active games + games that ended in the last 3 days' ?
games that ended: 11/7/2011 07:52:42

Level 2
Or perhaps recently finished games could be categorized separately from those with unread messages; I imagine more players would find this useful. If a game has ended but hasn't been viewed since the end, then it's "recently finished." Of course this is only useful if you make sure to view them; otherwise it's just the opposite of "Active games."

On that note, perhaps an alternative would be to have a checkbox which negates the filter - so we could view *inactive* games or those where we *have* been eliminated. However, this would not automatically prune the older games.
games that ended: 11/7/2011 11:16:00

Level 44
I happen to agree with chaos, this method wouldn't be precisely perfect, but would be better then the current imho.
I use my spam email account for this game, so rarely actually check it, I actually login here more then I do on my email account, so most games that I win or get eliminated in, I only realize the turn has passed, or the player has surrendered/autobooted, when they say something and the game pops up with an *unread messages* tag.
I believe this has been mentioned in a previous thread..
on the subject, I still think that a checkbox system to control which games actually show up would be highly useful. (as opposed to the current drop-down menu)
games that ended: 11/7/2011 16:01:58

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
I agree completely with the checkbox option. As more things get added, we will have more and more drop down option to choose from, which just clutters everything. Being able to select them would be great.

I also would love to have a "recently finished" category to select. I (and many other people, I'm sure) play enough games that it's hard to remember which game(s) are missing from the list. Maybe it's the 23 FFA you surrendered from a month ago, or maybe it's the 1v1 that you just started, but it's annoying to have to search through and check.

I'd much rather remove that option for e-mails (un-check it on my profile) and just be able to check it here. I've lost track of the number of 1v1 games that I was actively refreshing, but disappeared.
games that ended: 11/8/2011 04:14:27

Level 2
If we could view inactive games and sort by latest activity, no pruning would be necessary.
games that ended: 11/29/2011 13:12:31

Level 13

I'd like to bump this idea. It gets really annoying when after refreshing I notice there's one game less in the active games, but I don't know which one is missing. Scrolling through all games trying to remember which ones you saw end is a poor solution.

I'd vote for any of the propositions here, but I think that the best is either a message in chat saying sth. like "Game has ended" or "Opponent surrendered/was eliminated", or ability to sort games by latest activity instead of created date.
games that ended: 11/30/2011 03:31:43

Level 31
Not only do many people use dummy or spam email accounts, some don't get email notifications at all. Personally, I play in around 15-20 games at a time (addict), so I had to turn off email notifications. Every time I checked my email, I got hundreds of notifications that it was my turn. I'm no expert and can't give a suggestion, but I agree with Chaos that some other way must be possible to let people know when a game has ended.
games that ended: 11/30/2011 03:41:15

Level 2
I agree to this idea.
games that ended: 2/18/2012 19:24:39

Level 39
I also would love to have a "recently finished games(last 3 days?)" filter to select.

Maybe i want to re-view a game that started a month or so ago and finding it between "all games" can be kind of complicated.
games that ended: 2/22/2012 06:36:55

Tagg's ffa account
Level 2
I completely agree with chaos
games that ended: 2/22/2012 09:03:12

{rp} General Mac 
Level 53
yep i recently started a post in the forum with the same issue. however i wouldnt just like to see a filter i have to switch over to. i would prefer a filter option

games i have turns to watch or unread messages.

That should pop up all finished games as well as games where i have turns to make
games that ended: 2/22/2012 14:48:04

Level 4
+1 this would be helpful.

Just a simple message in the chat saying something about the game ending so that you could see would be very helpful.

I do real time and multi day games so a long multi day can get buried under 30+ games and I can miss them even if i search under the 'all games' filter.
games that ended: 2/22/2012 15:28:56

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
There are two game types that cause this problem the most for me. The first are 1v1 games, because I have a large number of them and the other person can surrender very suddenly. The other is really long lasting games (3+ months) that are in the late stages.

I'm often playing in a couple of the faster 1v1 games and have a couple of really long games at the same time. I'll open up my multiplayer tab and something doesn't look right. Maybe I have 9 games instead of 10, or maybe I'm not sure how many games I had.

I still have 3 1v1 games, and I still have some long games, so it'd not immediately apparent what, if anything, is missing. So I hit "All Games" and look on the first page. Usually I find a recent 1v1 game this way, but sometimes it's the game that started 2 weeks ago and isn't on the first page that is gone. If it's not a 1v1 game, then I might have to go back 2-3 50 entry pages looking for a game that I remember playing recently (Up to 5 days ago, though, so it's not up front in my mind).

At that point I usually have to go log into my e-mail to see if I have any notifications. Ah, there it is, the 24 player FFA that started in December. Turns out that the last three other players all quit at the same time, 3 days after the last turn.

That's a lot of work just to know that a game really did end and to find out which one it was. The system already knows that a game ended, and tries to notify me of that change. I'm not sure why the system can't notify me on the site itself, rather than making me go to my e-mail to find out.
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