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Playing Favorites --- AI keep sanctioning me: 11/11/2016 06:48:44

Level 12
Hey all,

Firstly, apologies if I say something dumb--this is my first post. I need help with the level "Playing Favorites" and can't seem to get it. I expand well for the first 2 turns (have 18 armies by turn 3) but then all 4 AI sanction me at once. It brings my income down to 2 armies, which hinders my growth.

The last two times I've played, I manged to rebound from that and have 50 armies coming in by turn 8 or so ----- but then all 4 AI sanction me at once, AGAIN. Brings income down to 13 which breaks me because the north and east AI both have way more.

The question is basically, how do I beat this level? Is there a way to stop all 4 from sanctioning me at once?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Playing Favorites --- AI keep sanctioning me: 11/11/2016 20:19:52

Level 51
Hello Zacharr:

As far as I know, the AIs are programmed to sanction only the player, unless an AI grows huge and is attacking another AI.

The best way I can think of is to knock out the AI commanders early to prevent the AIs from sanctioning you. One is usually in the middle of Africa, while another is in the Spain region. On the time(s) you get quadruple-sanctioned, make sure you have your commander be available to take a neutral region (whether you have him positioned along northwest Africa or Spain).

I'm sure someone else can elaborate much better than I could, but hope this helps!
Playing Favorites --- AI keep sanctioning me: 11/11/2016 20:58:52

Level 60
The AI are basically incompetent, which is why the only way they can win is if a) they are given a massive early advantage or b) there are many of them in a FFA vs one human, or c) both a and b. Stick to human 1v1s, that's where the real fun is! All games should start equal.
Playing Favorites --- AI keep sanctioning me: 11/11/2016 22:50:27

Level 12
Thanks for advice. After thinking it over, I figured it out today---the strategy of going for the commander made sense. I finally won by first, quickly, bee-lining for the commander in spain. After killing him, taking spain got me enough bonuses to expand east. Game was easy until it became a 1v1 with the giant eastern AI, but I managed to send in a giant assassin team to get the commander before he got me.

Gonna leave that here for future reference for others :)
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