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Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 00:43:28

Level 2
Hello, everyone, I have come across another person that I think you should hear about and warn you about. I also think he should be blacklisted, too. Okay, so we were playing a 3v3 game with cards on the Big World Map. So, one of his players got booted, it wasn't any actual player, it was auto-boot because I set Direct Boot and Auto-boot to 10 minutes. So, after the other player from his team got booted, he kept on begging us to vote to end the game. After we said no, he said that he wasn't going to play anymore because it was a waste of his time, if he knew he was going to lose, so he said he might as well waste our time, if we were going to waste our time. So, he quit the game without surrendering to waste 10 minutes of our time. Then he took his move, and didn't move for another 10 minutes. He kept on doing this until everyone got annoyed and decided to vote to end the game. I would like you to blacklist this person, so you don't have a situation like this with him. His username is edrak, and I will try to get the link to his profile. If you do not understand why you should blacklist him, then here is the link to the game we were playing:

Read the chat in Turns 5-7, and see what he has posted in the Public Chat. Thanks for blacklisting him!

Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 00:45:20

Level 2
Sorry, wrong link, for some reasons the only games that appear in "My Games" are the ones I surrendered in. I will have to post a forum about that in the "Bugs" forum.
Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 00:45:38

Level 2
Completely ignore this forum, sorry.
Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 01:07:12

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
That is most certainly not a bug. It's PEBKAC.
Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 04:14:14

Level 59
It might not be PEBKAC. It might be PICNIC or possibly the dreaded ID-10T.
Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 06:59:48

Level 44
wargeneral, the link you provided is the default link to the MP games screen.. you need to go to the settings page within the game in order to get a proper link

and from the description of the game, I'd be more willing to blacklist your team for being douche's then edrak, but it would depend on turn booted, situation awareness, etc. does winning 3v2 make people feel good..?
Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 08:36:05

Level 12
I'm not sure if you're a troll of some alias but it seems you like to whine a lot. And from your description I'd rather blacklist you. I'm not sure when the guy got autobooted but it's common courtesy to do so if someone bails very early in the game.

If you're not a troll I highly doubt this thread will go as you intended.
Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 16:32:13

Level 2
Agreed, if the other side no longer wants to play the game, it's rude and disrespectful to force them to do so. He seems entirely justified in doing what you described.
Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 18:17:32

sasha grey
Level 50
|>here is the link to the game we were playing:


Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 18:55:48

Rainbow Dash (Kurtis)
Level 3
stop spamming posts

and btw the link was this
Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 20:58:46

Level 11
You seem partly at fault. It might not be set in the rules, but it's polite and shows sportsmanship to end a game in such circumstances.
Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 22:05:25

Level 30
You guys are all wrong. The real link is:
Please blacklist edrak.: 11/9/2011 23:18:56

Bonch The Great
Level 25
No, I remember this was a very popular game played in Africa in 2010, I believe this is [the link](
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